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Questions Sent to Us for Expert Examination



I just wanted to ask one thing – the pyramids of Egypt? Are scientist right in saying that this civilization is connected with extraterrestrials?

Our answer is the following: “On Mother Earth there have always been people who had open contacts with alien civilizations. These contacts were telepathic and visual (on the level of seeing energy forms). Naturally, alien life prompted earthlings, including the pyramids, too. A pyramid is an energy cupola situated first of all above any human being with its top pointing up. When a person dies, the pyramid turns upside down. Why? Streams of Universal energies come to every individual through the pyramid, and the dead do not need these streams of energy. Those who are alive always get the energy of the Universe through the top of the pyramid. Pharaohs wanted to be bound forever to the energies of the Universe through the pyramids. The picture that resembles an extraterrestrial with big almond-shaped eyes has nothing to do with aliens. It represents a vessel – a kind of vase that contains symbols of life, sprouts of life (branches). The vase stands on a pedestal”.
The Ruler of the Moon, Archintelligent God Khach.