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1. Question: "Black holes" in space. What are they?

The answer was given by Khach. Energy essence, inhabitant of the Moon.

Black cosmic holes are the places of connection between Galaxies. Between Galaxies there are numerous corridors that have contents that are counterenergy for this Galaxy. In these corridors the content has in its essence an antigravitational direction and is neutrally intelligent at the level of the intelligence of the Archintellect-matter. These corridors - black holes, as they are called by earthlings, - do not harm any planets of the Galaxy. Galaxies are formed in such a way that the brain of a Galaxy and its surrounding have a common intelligent energy and magnetic content. The further the planetary systems are from the Galaxy brain, the lower the inner content of planets of common parameters is and the weaker the influence of neighboring Galaxies is. A moment comes when the planets that are close to the other Galaxy are globally refilled with the essence of energy intellect of this Galaxy and the planets are "sucked" into a black hole - a corridor - and appear in the other Galaxy. At the same time the planet is not threatened with a catastrophe; it continues to live reforming its life under the influence of the energy intelligence of the new Galaxy. And it should be taken into consideration that the planet can move not in the vicinity of the former motherland - Galaxy - but can find itself in its depth. This position depends on the level of its content of energy intelligent essence of the influencing Galaxy. Of course at the same time mutual exchanges are possible. Our Galaxy is no exception. Only in the Galaxy of Ecatahedron the positions of the central star systems are more stable because of its volume and scale. The astronomers from Earth cannot see the bounders of our Galaxy. What they see are star clusters that belong to the Galaxy of Ecatahedron. Astronomers can observe star explosions, however these stars don't bear life. The explosions of stars are like life and death. The necessity of the enrichment of a star cluster with energy matter leads to a sacrifice - an explosion and reinforcement, activation, life of the rest of the star community.

2. Question: Epidemics and diseases. What are they? Why? Objectives of epidemics. Are epidemics necessary to provoke fear as only fear can make man think, think anew, and opens possibilities for perception of new thinking?

The answer was given by Khach. Energy essence, inhabitant of the Moon

There is no need for earthlings to have fear because they are the source of all the diseases that the children of Mother Earth develop. The thing is that there are the so-called "6Z-zet" energies i.e. it is a swamp of energies. The dirtier a body of soul is, the more energies without intellect it attracts (non-intelligent energies) from "6Z-zet" field. The attraction of energies from this field results in destruction of the intellect of energies in human organism and rejects the activity of centers responsible for the control of the state of health. The more "6Z-zet" energies (negative energies) are attracted to Earth, the more destructive these energies prove to be. Alien energies make a move as viruses of the origin unknown to earthlings. No one wants to frighten the inhabitants of Earth; this process has been started by earthlings themselves as a natural result of the pollution of the body of soul.

Yes, all diseases on Mother Earth can and must be cured energetically without medicine but Mother Earth is not strong enough to do it and the universal life is limited by laws and cannot reach the inhabitants of Earth in a direct flow. Thus the conclusion: those earthlings who could become conductors of energies of purity to the inhabitants of Earth who are entitled to such help must be purified as soon as possible.
Both the energies that are superior to 6Z and those that are inferior to 6Z have nothing to do with diseases. Diseases that are assigned by karma are aggravated by the state of the environment of Mother Earth that has run out of its stock of pure saving energies. All the diseases of the children of Mother Earth are the fruit of their work, their creative thinking and actions. Diseases are when human body cells and internal organs are energetically affected on the background of the suffering of Mother Earth because of the above-mentioned facts.

Antibiotics are an imperfect form of curing of many diseases; it is the source of disease that should be cured i.e. disturbed energy. Earth is not strong enough and medicine does not always use, where possible, the complex of cures that are to be administered to energetically disturbed body parts. The attraction of neutrally intelligent energies (6Z-zet) shrouds the body of Mother Earth from the source of its strength of material for creation. The forces of light can reach the children of Earth only through pores. Now help will go through the pure inside out and Mother Earth will be able to get the help from the Father.

3. A question was asked about the existence of ozone holes.

The answer was given by Protectoran-Superintellect. (Planet Zibilla)

On your planet there are many discussions about ozone holes, as you call them, that are formed above the South Pole of the Earth. Today I am going to tell what this phenomenon is.
Periodically, once in 5.5 terrestrial months, the Great Cosmic Intellect opens the door that leads from the vastness of the Universe to your planet. When opening the door, the Great Cosmos deliberately sucks in several billions of cubic meters of the Earth's atmosphere. This phenomenon is useful because, to refill the energy of the planet itself, it is necessary to open the door in such a way that would allow life energy of your planet to move in a powerful flow of several hundreds of billions of cubic meters to the heart of the Earth through the main channel situated above the South Pole. This energy is akin to your atomic energy; it has a great momentum and it is sufficient for the period till the next refilling, which I have already talked about. The open door period lasts 10-15 days until the moment when your planet informs the Cosmos that its lungs are full and it can breathe.
People, don't be afraid of ozone holes because the life of the planet Earth is totally controlled by the Great Cosmic Intellect. And when there is need to destroy your planet, you will cease to exist even without ozone holes.
The more care you will take of your planet, the fewer questions the Great Cosmic Intellect will have as to what to do with you. Because you are unreasonable children and you are cutting the branch you are sitting upon. You are like babies who can't handle things that belong to adults - you cannot preserve your cradle, your Mother Earth.

4. A question was asked about the existence of geopathogenic zones.

The answer was given by Theophil-Superintellect. (Planet Zibrion)

Black holes. Their essence; the necessity of this phenomenon on the planet Earth; the consequences of their existence.

Black holes are not a phenomenon of geopathogenic zones as many earthlings think. Black holes are an energy phenomenon and are basically energy volumes similar to tubes. It means a ring-shaped formation that penetrates the planet that's why it has an entrance on the one end and an exit on the other side of the planet perpendicular to it and without any deviations. The entrance and the exit are qualitatively different. The entrance does not carry any negative energy loads for the human organism or for the organism of any other living creature or, which is more, for any plant, whereas the exit is the exact opposite and contains a considerable amount of negative.

The appearance of black holes for the planet Earth is caused by an acute need. Black channels, as we will call them now, are purifying channels for the planet but they gather cosmic negative that is accumulated near the surface of Earth and that harms all living creatures. The negative of the Cosmos is sucked into this tube or channel like into an aerodynamic tube and, having crossed it, is taken by the servants of the Absolute at the exit periodically rather than constantly. A kind of energy sacks are formed at the moment prior to the taking and inside these sacks the negatives is concentrated together to a sufficiently large size clots of energy essences that have often preserved intellect to influence physical and vegetative organisms. Any creature that has accidentally happened in such a sack is vulnerable under the influence of these energy essences.

What is the cosmic negative?

In the planet's atmosphere there are a lot of energy intellect carriers, many of which, when they find themselves in the energy coat of inhabitants of Earth carriers of the heaviest negative (evil carriers), are filled with this negative and become evil carriers themselves. That's why the planet periodically needs the purification we have already talked about. The negative energy clots are removed periodically each 2.5 to 3 terrestrial months. The place of exit is absolutely harmless at the moment of taking and immediately afterwards. Then, as you understand, there is the process of accumulation of the negative and increase of danger. There are not too many black holes on the planet; yet there are enough of them to purify the surface of the entire planet.

Thus it is clear that the existence of such channels is necessary and the consequences have the highest meaning. All the channels are located along the diameter and cover the parallels and meridians. People, animals and plants feel them intuitively and the inhabitants of Earth are mainly aware of their location, the only exception are those that are located in the absolutely unreachable places.

If a person finds himself in such a sack, even not completely, but with a certain part of his body (he can simply wave his hand and find himself in this viscose sack), the sack is not torn apart but the influence of the negative is so powerful that the person feels even with a part of his body the presence of the oppressing heavy energy that damages the psyche. If such thing happens, there is need for a rite of purification. It is very simple and consists in the following: the first thing to do is to go to church and stay there for at least 15 minutes. The pure energy of the church will do its main work and then the earthling must take care of himself. He must pray for seven days to his saint protector and ask him to remove from his body all the evil that has stuck in flocks to his energy. After receiving a dose of negative it is advisable to do as many kind, useful deeds for people as possible. Kind and good deeds will wash away the negative in the shortest time possible.

About the South Pole of the Earth

You already have information about the South Pole of the planet Earth. This information is connected with ozone holes. Now we will write down brief information about what else happens when the door to the Universe opens above the South Pole of the planet Earth. The moment of the door opening above the South Pole results in free access to the atmosphere of Earth for dark forces that soar under the energy coat. At this moment the planet's atmosphere is purified and it is not advisable to have living essences in this place on the planet. If the elimination of the negative from the surface of Earth is performed through the channels - black holes - the negative flows much more powerfully at the moment when the door is opened to purify the atmosphere of the planet. If a person is present in this particular place, the concentrated negative gets into the person's energy coat. If small negative gets into the energy coat of any inhabitant of Earth, it carries a blow to one person. In the case of the South Pole the sucking of various form, various essences, various force and direction takes place but it is already concentrated into a single mass ready to be taken away through the open door. When this concentrated negative gets into the energy cocoon of the one who is present there, it brings destructive force not just to the individual but also to many other people this individual spends most of his life with.

I can't say that the South Pole is forbidden for people; still I would advise to study the cycle of door opening so that all the living creatures can leave this place and stay at least 30 thousand terrestrial meters away from it during this period.

5. A question was asked about the existence of anomalous zones.

The answer was given by Theophil-Superintellect. (Planet Zibrion)

Anomalous zones of the planet Earth.

There are six zones on your planet. These are zones of transition from three-dimensional to four-dimensional space. Fantastic as it may seem, on the planet Earth there is life that is ahead of yours. Life in these zones, at first sight, is no different from normal life, but it only seems so. The life in anomalous zones has its peculiarities connected with the direct contact with the three-dimensional world. The peculiarities consist in the following: a space contortion takes place periodically and the passage of time changes during this period. The time at these moments acquires cosmic parameters for the four-dimensional space and for the earthlings - inhabitants of the three-dimensional space - it remains terrestrial. These periods of contortion are periodic, which is connected with the vital necessity for those who live in this range. If there is no periodicity in the change of the space parameters, the life of the individuals who live in it will decline. The cycle of space contortion depends on overfilling of energy of the Earth saturated with terrestrial negative; still it cannot exceed 2.5 terrestrial months and be shorter than a 35-day period. Strange phenomena for terrestrial creatures happen there between 35 days and 2.5 months.

These places are known to you: one is Bermuda Triangle, the other is the Red Sea in its south-eastern end, the third one is the Japanese Sea (its north-western corner), the fourth is the foot of the Himalayas (the northern corner), the fifth is the Kara Sea, slightly, in its north-western end, the sixth is the territory located in the middle of the Sahara desert.

When the space parameters are contorted and changed the earthlings who happen in it at this moment have all their tissues melted. Energy bodies leave the physical carrier and the biomass decomposes as quickly as ice melted in boiling water. Such a phenomenon is caused by a powerful atmospheric pressure which is present at the moment of change in the space parameters. According to terrestrial notions, a biobody should become flat, whereas according to the cosmic notions, it evaporates. If a material body finds itself in this space instead of a biological individual, an instant decomposing into tiniest particles take place, the particles the body is made of.

If a terrestrial object gets there at the moment of decline, i.e. of the restoration of the space parameters, he can either die or go crazy, depending on his distance form the epicenter. And if he finds himself on the edge, he might feel utterly insecure, be nervous, lose his way; however, he restores his vital functions after the phase is over. This period of time lasts 11.5-12 terrestrial hours. By cosmic measures this period does not exceed 15 terrestrial minutes.

6. A question was asked: Telepathic connection. How does it work?

The answer was given by Theophil-Superintellect. (Planet Zibrion)

The process of preparation of a telepathic message.

The thing is that in the entire Universe in the inhabitants of any intelligence and any outward formation the perception process is absolutely identical and depends only on perception devices that are different in different extraterrestrials. There are no obstacles for telepathic communication, there are no distances, no sound or language barriers. Insignificant difficulties might arise in the communication of two (exaggerated) extraterrestrials if there is scare information about the interlocutor and they cannot understand each other because of this. If inhabitants of other planets make contact with earthlings, believe me, they are prepared enough by preliminary examination of the planet Ziurania (our planet is called so by extraterrestrials) and its inhabitants. These truths are simple and easy to learn. So, an extraterrestrial is equipped with a load of knowledge to begin making a contact that's why it is easier for him to interact with the earthling and not vice versa since a certain period of time is needed to establish a contact based on trust and this period varies for every single contactee-earthling. That's why the first steps are always made by an extraterrestrial who reaches the goal starting with the simplest conversations. Knowing the essence of his work, the extraterrestrial sends a simplified model of energy thought regarding a topic he is interested in. The contactee-receptor, receiving the energy thought, processes the energy and embodies the thought it contains in the form and content that are easy for him to perceive. The higher the level of development of the contactee is, the closer the transformed thought is to the true message of the sender. In fact energy is the reason why telepathic connection emerges and exists. Time will come when you, earthlings, will learn what kind of energy it is that is capable of transporting thoughts across immense distances.

7. A question was asked: Poltergeist, what is it?

The answer was given by Theophil-Superintellect. (Planet Zibrion)


Poltergeist is a typically terrestrial phenomenon which does not exist on any other planet of any system of intelligence. This word does not explain the essence of what happens. The phenomenon of interference of evil forces into the physical life of a human can be called darkening of soul. This definition has a meaning that is close to the phenomenon because in reality the energy of dark forces interferes and the ruler of these forces is their king Lucifer. They are not his loyal servants, they are forces he has power over and that obey his orders. This phenomenon is a typical energy action of intellect clots of individuals concentrated in geopathogenic zones. These essences are former inhabitants of Earth who have poor destiny after leaving the physical carrier. These are restless souls in need of human compassion. A geopathogenic zone has an area of approximately two square meters. Terrestrial negative, heavy energy, is concentrated in these places. When spirits - carriers of evil (souls of humans who lived on Earth: suicides, violators punished by Lucifer) find themselves in these zones, they replenish their energy and get the abilities to do an action. They carry their soul's offence, which is expressed in a protest against the inhabitants of these places. The longer a spirit remains in this place, the more dark force it obtains and cannot leave because the negative of the geopathogenic zone keeps him in this place. Being unable to harm man directly, it harms indirectly.

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