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The laws of Mokayad

ZXY alien life of the Archintellect provides information about the laws of Mokayad life
There are 8 laws in all, and none of the lives in the Intelligent Universe has the right to violate them.

Literary Reproduction of the Telepathic Text.

1 - every ZXY has the right to independently choose its form and vital functions. Therefore a ZXY cannot interfere in another ZXY alien life's life without its consent; such interference is acceptable only with the mutual consent of both parties.

2 - the interference is acceptable only as long as the provided data do not contradict the lifeform and the methods of vital functioning of a ZXY alien life.

3 - the third law sounds as a frightening warning for the careless: any ZXY alien life that has violated the first two regulations is to be punished even right up to the physical and energy extermination.

4 - it is prohibited to ever treat a ZXY alien life aggressively wherever an interaction takes place and in whatever situation the ZXY alien life finds itself.

5 - provide help and support for a ZXY alien life both on its own Mother planet and in any other place in the Universe where it might be necessary to provide help.

6 - the sixth law says about the future work between the lives of Mokayad. The experience acquired during lifetime should be transferred to all who are willing to receive it; the transfer of experience is to be carried out through the GSDB (Great Space Data Bank) channels rather than at the request of a certain ZXY alien life, so that the mastering of new cosmic information channels of Mokayad life will be accessible for the entire Intelligent Universe.

7 - the seventh law determines the beginning of work with a ZXY alien life. It is allowed to begin making contact with a ZXY alien life only with the consent of the Father - Creator of the Universe - and under the control of the Absolute. The seventh law gives the right to make contacts of any kind only with the consent of the Creator.

8 - the eighth law is aimed at the end of work with a ZXY alien life. Whenever the above-described laws are violated, any contacts and data transfer should be immediately ended and measures should be taken to eliminate the data that has caused the disaster both for the ZXY life of a specific planet and the other planets of Mokayad and the whole Universe. ZXY is the encoding of any intelligent life in the Universe.

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