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The ethical rules of interplanetary communication.

Gobrart the Superintellect. The ethical rules of interplanetary communication.
The inhabitants of Earth during the interaction with representatives of alien civilizations.

Literary Reproduction of the Telepathic Text.

Your generation will have an opportunity to make a direct contact with the representatives of the Universe. The information you have about extraterrestrials is more fictitious than real that's why I must let the earthlings know the simple truths that are obligatory for reaching mutual understanding and for you to receive information, the knowledge which is so valuable that it will give you an opportunity for massive advanced development.
In order to be able to achieve the above-mentioned objectives you, earthlings, must learn and strictly obey the ethical rules of interplanetary space communication. These rules apply to the entire Intelligent Universe.

Rule 1: do not take those who come to you for aggressors. Regard them as friends and reach out to them with curiosity and friendliness.

Rule 2: when interacting with aliens use an intellect that's clear and not obscured by fear. Ask to be granted the ability to make them understand that their actions make you feel uncomfortable or cause you pain or other feelings. At present you, darlings, are deprived of the ability to think at such rare moments and give the impression of creatures with limited intellectual abilities.

Rule 3: in case of an accidental contact you should immediately ask, either mentally or aloud, to be granted protection from them if your physical state seems unusual. You don't have to worry because your thoughts can be read and you are sure to get immediate help from them.

Rule 4: if you don't feel like making contact you should warn the aliens about it right away. Send a mental or verbal message which says: I'm not ready for interaction or I don't want to interact.

These rules are the necessary minimum for the vast majority of the inhabitants of Earth. They are easily understood and mastered even by a child's mind. Please, remember them, you will need them soon.

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