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The energy field of Father God

Information about the field of Father God provided by Father God himself

Literary Reproduction of the Telepathic Text.

Each planet has a field formed from the field of the Father - the abstract-intellect of the highest level; the fields of Mother Earth are the abstract intelligent energies of the lower level but not lower than the level of superintelligent pure energies of the small field of the Archintelligent energies controlling the state of life of a given object and the energies of life of a given planet that forms a thin field under favorable circumstances of life conditions of its inhabitants and having vortical and chaotic state if the behavior of the planet's inhabitants is actively negative. In the latter case the thin field is out of the question, we should rather speak about the disturbance of the harmony of the field that belongs to the planet's life; this disturbance inflicts irreparable damage on the rest of the fields of the circumplanetary space and the body of the Father beyond it. That's why the Father sends a ZXY alien life which helps Mother Earth by taking away the chaotic energies of the negative and recoagulating them into a pure field of intelligence of its inhabitants. It is impossible to send many extraterrestrial rescuers and this part of the Father's body near Mother Earth is ill.
All the above-listed fields around the planets of the Universe are overlapped by the neutral intelligent field of your Father. The neutral intelligent field is the field of the entire Universe that carries knowledge of all the particles of the Universe. The field is part of any material substance, being a representative of the Father in every entity in the Universe. Penetrating into the bodies of the inhabitants of Earth the Father's field makes the terrestrial life part of its body; penetrating into the body of Mother Earth the Father's field includes Mother Earth into a cell of his body. The unity of the Universe lies in the fact that every living and non-living entity in the Universe is impregnated with the field of your Father's body. Only the chosen can read the field of the Father. Then it can be said that this particular individual reads from the Universal data bank. Such reading is extremely rare on Mother Earth. Even Valentina (the Field of Father God around Mother Earth) can be read only by a few. Nostradamus was one of them. The neutral-intellect of the Father is a field that establishes facts and does not interfere in the life of planets and their inhabitants. The independence of choice of means and methods for the creation of life is fundamental otherwise the identity of life of every given planet will be damaged. Naturally, not every ZXY life can read the Father's field. The neutral field of the Father spans the interplanetary space but it behaves there in a way which differs from its behavior in the circumplanetary space. It is possible for the Father to help the life of those who move in the space of his body to carry out a high pure mission, to perform the Father's task. We will return to this argument a little bit later. In order to understand the essence of the Father's intellect it is necessary to wait for a while. Any body cell of your Father as well as any cell of any organism in the Universe can communicate through mental messages.

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