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The Absolute.

Theophil (the planet Zibrion)

Literary Reproduction of the Telepathic Text.

The Absolute is a derivative of the mental form of many individuals governing the Universe at the highest level. You know by now that the Universe in all its manifestations represents a magnetoenergy-plasmic Colossus that can be controlled by a thought of such power that human brain cannot grasp the concept of it. A specific decision of many billions of Superior Intelligences gives rise to the creative power of thoughts. This power results in creation of planets and all their inhabitants. The same power shrouds everything that is reality. Tiny nuances of the mental activity of the multitude of governors of the Universe are reflected in concrete lifeforms existing in the whole Universe. By creating the existing lives, including the objects you consider inanimate, the great creative thought of the collective organ keeps on obeying the cosmic rules and in the course of the existence of the latter maintains their vital functions by means of its Great thought.
Particles of thought are part of all that exists in nature and on Earth, and, on a larger scale, in the Universe. The Origin constitutes the Soul, the center of this Origin's intelligence. Everything existing in the Universe carries in itself a thought-intellect - an action of the Great. The thing you call the Absolute is the existence of a common intellect-origin in all the origins. In fact, an inhabitant of another planet and an inhabitant of the planet Earth, the stone you step upon and a metal from another planet, a bird soaring in the sky and a snake creeping on the ground as well as amorphous inhabitants and all the others comprise the origin - a drop of the Original Creator - and have common roots of the Universal Intelligence sent by the enormous power of the Intellect of the Supreme Governors of the Universe.

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