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The Mystery of Space and Time

Theophil (the planet Zibrion)


Literary Reproduction of the Telepathic Text.

Dimensions are not a space but rather a psychotempotal factor. The term psychotempotal defines the state of a subject and an object at a certain time with a certain complex of psychoenergy of the Universe. The psychoenergy of the Universe is a sum of microenergies of all the planetary systems of the Universe emitted purposefully into the Universe with the aim of introducing each planet and its inhabitants into the Great Universal Community.
The microenergies of all the planetary systems are the sum of knowledge, actions and presumptive actions of all the planetary systems in time and space. Naturally, it includes the sum of the mental activity of the creatures inhabiting every single planet. On the planet Earth there are already some inhabitants who live in the dimension of the forth level, that is those who can see things invisible for ordinary earthlings. These are people who can see with the third eye. The dimensions are multiple since every planet of the Universe lives according to its own laws, assimilating to more or less extent the inflows of the Universe's psychoenergy. Yes, it is possible for life on other planets to exist at the same time, simultaneously in different dimensions. Your terrestrial interpretation of the third dimension is wrong; however, the majority of you live in the third dimension almost without using and assimilating the gifts of the Universe's treasury. You wonder how people have managed to find out that they live in the third dimension. This news was passed on to us by the previous generations to be later misinterpreted as the comprehension of three parameters. We will reveal the depth of the Universal notion of dimensions. Let's start with the simple things. Yes, it's true: the dimensions start from number one.
The first dimension is a life in the form of inanimate objects, plants and trees. The process of assimilation of the Universe's and the planet's information takes place without active participation in the data exchange and without concrete data transfer to the like.
The second dimension is the rise of mental activity; it is the fauna in all its diversity. The third dimension is active life functions characterized by the presence of brain activity aimed at creativity, creation, mutual communication and mastering of all the parameters that constitute the planet and the circumplanetary space.
The forth dimension is an exit to the worlds through the channel of clairvoyance. The fifth dimension is a telepathic perception of the information of the Universe coming from any source.
The sixth dimension is the energy transformation of energobodies of man to obtain an opportunity to fruitfully communicate with any representative of the Intelligent Universe.
The seventh dimension is the ability to reform one's own appearance at any desired moment. As the number of dimension increases a human or any other alien approaches the moment when he will be able to immediately decide to visit any point on the Universe. Those who are at the level of the seventh dimension are characterized by the ability to manage all the kinds of activities in their organism, to reconstruct their inner and outer content in the nick of time, to hear and see the entire Universe instantly. There is a little trick about the concept of dimension that the human mind has difficulty understanding. The thing is, on all the planets of the Universe, including the planet of Ziurania, all the kinds of dimensions we have talked about exist at the same time but the trick is in the fact that the states of the dimensions are not limited to the exaggerated state of only one time of a given period of the existence of a planet an all its inhabitants. The existence of a time dimension of a superior level where past and future adjoin the present is absolute and true.
Time does not pass but continues to exist as a substance, as the past and the ready imminent future. The past remains in all the beauty of a planet's existence at the moment in which, though quite rarely, a modern human can unexpectedly find himself under certain conditions. Seeing images of the future resembles seeing images of the past save that the past is represented as a fact that has already happened, whereas the future is represented as an accumulation of facts that are yet to take place. People who find themselves in another time dimension cannot participate in the life of the period where they find themselves since the laws of the Universe do not provide for their participation either in the past or in the future. Nevertheless, there is an exception to this rule: if the period of time does not exceed six terrestrial years, contemporary people can witness the near future and take an active part in the affairs of those earthlings who have moved ahead for the specified period of time. In the Universe there is a law called the Law of Time Preservation. The time does not disappear, it accumulates in layers, but in a sinusoid a thousand terrestrial years long rather than in a spiral; the time is not interrupted - it covers the past from the end of the sinusoid to the beginning of the millenium in a layer. The sinusoid spirals round the planet starting from the North Pole and ending at the South Pole. The sinusoid has points of contact at the maximum point at the upper point and at the minimum point at the lower point. At these points there are doors of communication between the past and the future as well as with the present. The sinusoids do not lie near the surface. They constitute the Odon and the Universal Space Data Bank at the same time. When a millenium is over, the life of the planet and its inhabitants follows the already predesigned sinusoid one curve of which, by the way, equals to 100 years. Under very rare circumstances when the servants of the Almighty God withdraw information about past or future material objects and living creatures might leak into another time dimension. It is also possible for the subjects of the transition into another dimension to return. In order to do this one must demonstrate strong will and have the right and permission of the Absolute to open the doors of connection prematurely. Otherwise the subjects' return into the other dimension will take 100 years. Then at the instance of the Almighty God they will return through the doors they entered by. Moreover, people who have been in another dimension will return to Earth alive because they stay in the other dimension in the state of lethargy.

The concept of time

Literary Reproduction of the Telepathic Text.

As you already know, time does not disappear, it accumulates as the past and exists as the programmed future. Time is not a constant: it is an intelligent and variable substance which is an energoabstract intellect. This constant collects in itself all the phantoms of the moment of existence and takes them away to the depository of Odon as the past conserved in every moment of realization and at the same time it brings future to a given moment of realization with only a small difference - it is not phantoms that inhabit the substance of time-future, but energobodies which are capable of manifesting themselves as reality up to the tiniest details of materialization. In order for the concept of time to be explained at least partially it must be taken into consideration that the Time in the Universe does not have uniform consistence. It has its a different life formula in every separate part of Universe. Its has its own particular matter near the planets with life and those uninhabited - a substance that determines the most favorable rhythm for the existence of both the planet itself and its inhabitants. By the will of the Absolute the time is close to those lifeforms that inhabit every given plant. Respectively, such time conditions have been created for the earthlings as to foster the life span on Mother Earth. We are talking about the matter-intellect of the highest form of creation that is capable of making independent decisions in the favor of the living.
Now let's address the concepts of "time present, past and future". All the kinds of time are obligatory for events that are happening, have happened or will happen. Time is an energy lifeform, a very fine matter, an Intellect that penetrates all the planets comprising the Universe. Events and facts, lines of all lifeforms of the planets and the planet itself are intertwined with this Intellect as thin threads. Let's consider the manifestation of time in all the forms of its existence. The human life is the simplest example of this process. The Intellect-time-matter is assigned the task of controlling the formation of man, his life and actions in all the stages of his life. The present is responsible for the implementation of the factor established by the Absolute at the moment when a soul is inserted into a future inhabitant of Earth. This present is the starting point of a countdown for this particular individual. As soon as the insertion of soul has taken place, a countdown of the past and the future time begins for the earthling-to-be. Even as an embryo a person already has phantoms of the past and his personal time-past and energoduouble-future and enriches himself with time stream for the realization of his destiny. All the kinds of time exist in space without losses, but they are characterized by different manifestations. Time-present is a superactive factor that influences an individual through Intellect-energy and urges him to take actions of any kind and perform deeds. Time-past is ether that makes a human feel uncomfortable energywise when he finds himself in it since time-matter-past is a sort of happening events watched in slow motion. Time-future is a substance for creation for the coming period of time; it can be defined as events programmed to happen in an individual's destiny. We mean the granules of destiny. The time-energointellect-future is responsible for keeping these granules. It is near humans. Not directly with the physical individual but in the places where he is supposed to be in each following moments of his being. As it becomes clear now, every subject and object has an energy double or, to be more exact, numerous energy abstractintellectual copies of the person as he moves along the path of his life. As the person grows older, he accumulates inside himself a lot of these copies which help him become more experienced, wiser, more intelligent and it is matter-intellect-time that contributes greatly to it. Since the time factors exist simultaneously, there are moments when the mass of intellect-matter of past or future accumulates in a certain place and it is possible to find oneself either in the past or in the future for a while. The future is an interesting thing in this respect: in the future objects and subjects will be represented as natural and alive.

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