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Aims & History our Organisation

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In 1999 on the basis of Donbass Regional UFO study-group (Donetsk-Ukraine) and the Organization for UFO and bioenergyinformation Excange Union
(OUBA e.V. Berlin, Germany),
the Center for Cosmos Connection was founded.
The Center for Cosmos Connection leader became Bondar Ludmila, who uses all kinds of links existing in the Universe, including telephatic one, for the communication with Cosmos.
Leshenko Gennadiy is a scientific leader of the Centre (Ukraine).
Max Brodski is a scientific consultant (Germany).
Galina Erohina is a cientific sekretary (Ukraina).
Tatiana Brodski is a cientific sekretary (Germany).

The main purpose of the Center for Cosmos Connection of the International Social Organisation (CCCISO) is a collaboration with UFO organisation of various states and with individuals on the problems of UFO, Cosmic and other kinds of knowledge directed at the Universe investigation: scientific, informational, educational and instructive activity.

The tasks of CCCISO:
1. Rendering methodical and practical help to the state and social organisations in situations concerned with the problems on the UFO phenomenon.
2. Utilization of the information received in the process of contacts with alien life for welfare of mankind.
3. Using the methods of bioenergitacal influence for the healing purpose only.
4. Elaboration of the necessary recommendations and rules for the mankind in case of meetings and contacts with UFO.
5. Creation of scientific activity, examinations, discoveries and scientific elaborations in the sphere of knowledge of Cosmos.
6. Carryting out scientific conferences, seminars, symposiums, educational and propagandistic work and the lecture methods of the instruction.
7. Propaganda of cosmic knowledge by means of mass media.
8. Establishment and development of the links with international UFO organisations and individuals, taking part in international congresses, symposiums, seminars and conferences.
9. Carrying out search - investigating UFO work.
10. Creation of the data-bank.

The representativers of CCCISO carry out telepathic connection with the representativers of the planet of various degrees of the Intelligence, often leading off 1994 the were meeting cosmic aircrafts and the representativers of various alien civilizations.
All the meeting and contacts have been fixed by photos and videos.
We are ready to share our knowledge with mankind.

OUBA.e.V. Berlin Germany Organization for UFO connection and Bioenergoinformation. Officially reistered.
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