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These are pictures that carry the danger of filling up the Soul with negative energies.

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“Man is born with a particle of warmth in his Soul, a particle given to him by the Cosmos. These energies are given by Father God. The energies of purity penetrate into the human Soul and are concentrated on the walls of the House of Soul. In the places where the concentration of energies is the highest, where the walls are the purest without dirty sinful spots, sources of warmth are formed that spread warmth all over the body. This warmth brings health to the entire body. The more pure Cosmic energies an individual gets, the more willing he or she is to develop and improve his or her intellect. Each earthling must carry inside his heart an unbending faith in the better beginning – in the Forces of the Great Light, he must strive for the purity of his Soul. A healthy and pure Soul is a fundamental condition for a good physical health. When pure energies get inside the Soul, they are distributed in the entire human body, burning all the negative as they spread. Various physical diseases subside. Thanks to a high level of Spirituality, a person who follows the path of Light can stop the process of development of an oncological disease caused by a negative influence. Unfortunately, not all people are willing to accept the energies of purity. There are earthlings who push away the energies of purity and feel terribly uncomfortable when they receive these energies. These earthlings have definitely chosen the path of serving the negative. They are negative contactees. The actions of negative contactees are based on evil. They try to pretend to serve God, but in reality they use different tricks to fill in human Souls with negative. The more a human Soul is full of negative energies, the weaker the person becomes both from the physical and intellectual point of view, the easier it is to control him. Different types of encoding have a powerful impact on the Soul. Many newspapers and magazines publish pictures that influence the human Soul negatively. In this section we will reveal the true sense of such pictures. To silence this subject will not weaken the impact of the negative on human beings. On the contrary, the negative is afraid of publicity. Representatives of the negative always try to disguise their evil deeds; and when their actions become known to all, they fail. One should not be afraid of the influence of the negative. Those who deserve protection will get it.”
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