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Pictures that are dangerous for human health.

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“ The encoding system is one of the impacts that the representatives of the negative produce on earthlings. Now the negative has the purpose of killing as many people as possible: to program them as zombies or to cause diseases. To achieve this aim and the desired effect generators of various frequency are used (to reinforce the effect), biogenerators (negative contactees) and a system of different codes are used (digital, verbal and drawn). The necessary information is fixed by entering encoding numbers with a certain energy charge into the brain. When they reach the necessary sections of the brain, the code starts working and the encoding program is executed. Pictures especially drawn by negative contactees have the same effect. They are able to cause illness of any organ or system. When a negative contactee draws a picture, the latter is filled with the necessary energy aimed at causing a certain disease. The content of the picture corresponds to the defined energy. All the elements of the picture correspond to the defined encoding aimed at illness. The impacts affects first of all the eyes, then the information is transmitted to the corresponding sections of the brain. The brain passes the signals to the Soul and the Soul, being the most sensitive and vulnerable organ of the human body, causes a corresponding reaction. A Soul disease begins and consequently any organ or system in the body can get ill. Many pictures like this appear now in the Internet and on the pages of various editions. By interpreting such “masterpieces” we, on the one hand, neutralize them and, on the other hand, we teach how to orient oneself in the stream of this dirt. Obeying to the commandments of the Bible and praying reinforce the walls of the Soul with pure energies that keep the negative from entering the Soul and consequently any organ and system of the body.”
Curator of the 6 Zet Field, Archintelligent God Nefhchuht.
OUBA.e.V. Berlin Germany Organization for UFO connection and Bioenergoinformation. Officially reistered.
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