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The Universe and We

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The authors would like to thank the secretaries of the Center for Cosmos Connection: messengers of the Universe Tatiana Brodskaya and Galina Erohina for their fruitful work for the the Center.

The authors' aim is to bring to the earthlings the knowledge about the Universe obtained as the result of contacts with its Archintelligent and Superintelligent exponents. These lectures will help to learn the basics of the structure of the Great Cosmos, the Laws that regulate its life, and for the first time, through documented photographs, to get to know the real help that the Universe gives to the planet Earth via extraterrestrials as representatives of more developed civilizations. The information is published for the first time in its complete, comprehensive form. The book is interesting for ufologists, psychologists, philosophers as well as for all the people who are interested in the questions of the Universe.


The world of the Universe is a world of flowing energy that changes each second, each moment, united with powerful intelligence of all its inhabitants. Except for the earthlings, everyone leads this life, feeling its rhythms every moment, its life in all its manifestations. Most earthlings are deprived of it because of their universal youth and insufficient potential of scientific knowledge.
THEOPHIL is an Archintelligent God, the ruler of the planet Zibrion, the Owner of the Universal Rights

The Cosmos is a Great Secret for many inhabitants of the Universe. This notion is comprehensive, unclear to many, mysterious. In fact, if it is known as we know it and as Supreme Patriarchs, Hierarchs and Superintelligent inhabitants of planets know it, there is nothing nysterious in it. The life of the Cosmos is determined by certain laws that are quite simple and clear. The difficulty that seems to be there at first disappears when you discover its coexistence, the tactics of its behaviour, the sense of the actions of all essenses existing in it. The essenses of the Great Cosmos, which include the earthlings, do not possess knowledge about the Cosmos since they cannot ascend to the Worlds of Beyond. Seeing the sky above with a multitude of satrs, an earthling can only hypothesize about the structure of the Great Cosmos, the life of the Universe and its components. Let these lectures tune the mind of the inhabitants of Earth who will read them so that they can perceive, and let these lectures prepare their Souls for the participation in these lectures as full members of the Universal Intellect, not as its plenipotentiaries but as its children. The lectures contain information that is useful, cognizable and necessary to all people because this knowledge will enrich the Souls of all who can read and who want to know.
ARISTOPHEN is the Universal Patriarch.

The Main Duty of an Explorer is to Show by Proving

How did the Universe emerge, who rules it, and what does it consist of? This topic is complicated and interesting and we would like to focus on it in the present lecture.
To begin with, let's quote the outstanding Russian scientist V.I. Vernadsky who said, "Throughout the history of science individuals turned out to be more right in their affirmations than entire corporations of scientists or hundreds or thousands of researchers who professed the prevailing ideas… Truth is quite often available in large quantities for these scientific heretics rather than for orthodox exponents of the scientific thought. Of course not all the groups and individuals who do not adhere to the scientific world outlook gain this great insight into the future of human thought; only a few can do it. However, real people with the most real scientific world view for any specific time will always be among them, among these groups and individuals, the scientific heretics, rather than among the followers of dominating scientific ideology. Their contemporaries will never be able to distinguish them from those with erroneous beliefs."
Consistently speaking in favour of traditions and principles of natural-science humanism which demand that scientists comprehend the objective laws of nature for the good of people, spread the knowledge amongst public, struggle for the unity of science and democracy, Vernadsky wrote: "I completely realize that I could fall for the false and deceptive, follow that path which wouldl lead me astray, but I can't help following it, I hate the idea of my mind being enchained. I can't and I don't want to make my thought follow the path that may be practically important yet that will not allow me to better understand the questions haunting me… This is what research means. This kind of aspiration is the fundamental principle of any scientific activity."
Many scientists have had similar aspiration. There is such thing as science-research, "objectively true knowledge whose content has been thoroughly tested and whose form is the most systematic"; and there is such thing as science-ideology - this is the so-called scientific world outlook. It is the latter that presents a greater interest for us.
Newton's physics describes the Universe as a sum of "material points" interacting with one another in compliance with specific mathematically expressible laws. Newtonian cosmology suggests the existence of God-Creator and, besides mathematical methods, Newton used the Holy Writ to interpret Daniel's prophesies. Laplace's cosmogonic hypothesis viewed the Solar System as originating from a primal gas nebula under the influence of the laws of energy conservation, impulse and angular momentum. Leibniz elaborated a theory about indivisible spiritual units "monads", each monad being a part of a larger "colony" of monads and controlling a certain fragment of the observable world.
As physics developed, Newton's concept of matter proved to be false. It became clear that a "material point" is but an artistic image which is very far from real. Electron diffraction discovered by Davisson and Germer in 1927 demonstrated that particles do not have specific trajectories and Heisenberg's uncertainty principle cancelled the very concept of particle as an object whose position and momentum can be determined with high accuracy. According to the cosmological beliefs of Hinduism, the matter is maya - a sort of illusion. Similarly, the central concept of quantum mechanics is psi-function that cannot be detected by any devise, i.e. it is immaterial and must be taken for granted, rather than particle. It is psi-functions rather than observable functions that constitute the life of Universe. Psi-functions (and not the observable functions as some used to think) are controlled by the laws of nature and the observable functions are in turn controlled by psi-functions and in the statistical sense at that. Now it is being scientifically proved how right idealists were when they thought that the knots of those threads that bind the visible tie and untie in the unobservable.
Psi-functions in the modern physics are akin to Leibniz's monads. The quantum theory without doubt entails the following conclusion: the psi-function of a system always describes its properties more adequately than a total of psi-functions relating to its parts examined separately. When the parts are united in a system, entirely new unpredictable laws of nature come into force. A group of atoms can "disappear" and "transform" into a new reality called a semiconductor or plasma whose specificity cannot be obtained from the atom's properties. The larger a fraction of the Universe is, the more veritable its pri-function turns out to be, that is to comprehend one should not go downwards, as Newton's followers thought; on the contrary, one should go upwards. A system should not be broken down into constituent parts; it should be scrutinized as part of a larger system within the limits of all existing things.
In the late 1970s the American scientists Paris and Harrington proposed a theorem which entails that even simple arithmetically expressible true statement are not provable without using the concept of actual infinity. This concept lies outside the realm of strict mathematical interpretation. Potential infinity is often used in mathematics: it is always possible to find a number of things that surpasses any given number. For example, one man says to another that he can drink an infinite quantity of bear plus two more bottles. This is called potential infinity. But if the first man said he has already drunk an infinite number of bottles, the other man would think such a claim absurd. This is what actual infinity means - an infinity existing as a real object with all its elements at once. Obviously it cannot be in the material world. But it exists in the additional space where our thoughts soar. Moreover, it is the necessary source of creativity, according to the Paris-Harrington theorem.
The American science fiction writer, biochemist and science promoter Isaac Asimov wrote: "Suppose that we are wise enough to learn and know and yet not wise enough to control our learning and knowledge, so that we use it to destroy ourselves? Even if that is so, knowledge remains better than ignorance. It is better to know even if the knowledge endures only for the moment that comes before destruction than to gain eternal life at the price of a dull and swinish lack of comprehension of a universe that swirls unseen before us in all its wonder."
The Universe does not have a definite date of birth because it has always existed in the form of the Abstract Intelligent Matter (Monads). There was no beginning to the Universe and there will be no end. According to physicist Paul Steinhard of Princeton University, the Universe is forever becoming itself after tremendous explosions and powerful contractions.
The Big Bang Theory states that the world we live in began approximately 13 billion years ago with the explosion of a single mass of material spreading matter and energy in all directions. According to the model of Paul Steinhard and Neil Turok, the Universe has always existed and the Big Bang is just another twist along the endless road of explosions, expansions and contractions and each cycle lasts for trillions of years. This theory is closer to the truth. The Abstract Intelligent Matter is able to create or give rise to any lifeform, from the tiniest particles to planets and galaxies.
The Universe is energy Intelligent space spiraling naturally from left to right. It can be thus concluded that life is the movement of the Energy Intelligent Matter from left to right. The ruler of the Universe is Father God. His creation consisted of three stages: empirical, leading and ruling.
Let's start with the first, empirical stage. Imagine an ocean. The Abstract Intelligent Matter was such an ocean. In the beginning, this ocean did not have a purpose. Clots of Abstract Intellect were motionless. The ocean gradually became rough under the influence of the Continuous Movement Law (life in the Universe exists provided there is movement).
The Abstract Intelligent Matter began to move actively and to thicken. Monads began to accumulate in one point. We say "point" but one should bear in mind that even a huge ball will look like a point compared to the Universe. Monads moved constantly inside this point; the thickening of the point resulted in enrichment of the Intellect and accumulation of pressure. When the Intelligence had reached a certain degree of concentration, an explosion followed. Having been liberated from the conditional imprisonment, the Intelligence which was at the explosion's epicenter became the Origin comprising the Supreme Intellect consisting of the infinite number of Monads. This Intellect was called Preoric Proorzim and it was the first stage in Father God's birth.
Preoric Proorzim is the origin. It is capable of generating a Monad from another Monad provided the former has accumulated enough intellect energy for division in the process of its existence. The process of accumulation resembles a drop of water formed by tiny sporadic fumes in the air. An original Monad is born each moment since the degeneration of small particles - Monads - into the immense essence of Abstract Energy Intellect capable of filling certain space and subordinate this space to its Abstract activity is impossible without this particular process. Preoric Proorzim can be defined as the essence of a multitude of Monads that are constantly dividing and it is distributed in the Universe with intelligent purposes at the behest of the Collective Body of Universe Control. We would like to reiterate that the Intelligent Universe emerged from a single point that presented an accumulation of numerous Monads. Pressure built up inside the point because of the division of Monads, which resulted in an explosion. In the course of the explosion of the point, billions of Monads dispersed in the Universe, inhabiting certain part of space in the disperse state. First those whose Intelligence Level was very far from Preoric Proorzim emerged into the Universe's expanses since the instantaneous removal from the origin had led to the loss of Intelligence in space. Then the rest of Intelligences formed as the process of liberation finished. Time-wise the process finished momentarily. A long existence of Intelligences in space could have resulted in their annihilation. Only concentration of Intelligences in certain dwelling places with their own energy coat and similar to the original point existence could save the Intelligences' life. Long existence of Monads in the disperse state could have resulted in their destruction through the partial emission of Energy Intellect into space. The outcome of the first stage of Father God's birth was the forming of galaxies and planets as the result of targeted actions of the Infinitely Intelligent Substance of Preoric Proorzim.
The Infinite Intelligence born during the first stage was too young to create life in the already existing creation. It took Father God several million years of childhood and youth to concentrate the Forces of Pure Thought at the level of the Abstract Intelligent part of Substance that was available to the Father to translate the Power of Intellect into real actions. By then sufficient Power of Intellect that was able to delineate the range of its influence and limit the spread of the Abstract Intellect had crystallized from the bulk of Substance. The second stage of Father God's birth was over.
Like people who try to choose the very best as their leader, the Abstract Intelligent Substance chose and appointed Father God as the ruler of the Universe. Now he was named Dorup Pargag. It is an Intellect whose dimensions cannot be measured. He can destroy and create all things in the Universe. Dorup Pargag can be called the son of Preoric Proorzim, a creation of the latter with the purpose of creating, bearing, transforming and improving all that has the Supreme Level of Intelligence in the Universe.

Dorup Pargag is in the state of Chaos. From the Universal point of view Chaos is disorderly Archipure Substance whose form has not been completed, gathered in one point in the state of high concentration. Chaos is a dream, slowing down of this Substance. The point is constantly moving.
Since Dorup Pargag is dormant and life requires perpetual movement, he nominated his first-born Son Father God as the Ruler of the Universe. This is the third stage of Father God's creation.

Practically the whole Universe is a powerful Energy Substance of Father God's Body and all the Intelligences that constitute the Universe are His children, including us, earthlings.
The momentary concentration of Monads created planets and those Monads which remained within the planets' gravitation field and failed to transform into a solid planetary field evolved into lifeforms on these planets.

Now one can say that Darwin's theory of evolution is misleading. When it appeared in 1859, the theory was severely criticized by the eminent specialists of the time - Agassis, Virhov, Drish and others. But less important scientists were allured by it because it claimed to be able to give a simple explanation of the complicated phenomenon of the origins of life on Earth. Moreover, the general public was delighted.
Any theory is based on two things: logic and facts. The logical scheme of Darwinism is simple. Nature is characterized by variability in that traits of offspring are somewhat different from the traits of their parents which makes some relatively better adapted than the others, helping them survive the struggle for existence and causing traits to spread to their offspring. In this way fitness accumulates gradually and over millions of years reaches the highest level. As expressed in Darwin's own words, the idea wad prompted to him by watching selectionists breed cattle.
The clarity of the reasoning is tempting and the analogy makes it seem true. But if you ponder over it you will see that the argumentation is not grounded while the analogy is misleading. Natural selection affects only isolated traits of a species, that's all. A dog-breeder drowns short-eared puppies and keeps long-eared ones. And in the end he gets a new breed. However, despite all its outward originality this breed is still a typical dog with dog's habits, metabolism and diseases. No matter how many puppies a dog-breeder drowns or keeps, he will never breed a cat.

The experiments carried out in this field demonstrated that a new species cannot be created at all. Having obtained a hybrid of wolf and dog, cynologist A.T. Voilochnikov began to cross the hybrids. The following generations saw the birth of either pure dogs or pure wolves. Once the forcefully mixed genes were left alone, they immediately regrouped according to a pattern that seem to have been designed by some mysterious creative impulse. These experiments prove that dog did not originate from wolf. Similarly man did not originate from monkey.

Quite recently German scientists have pioneered a unique research: by analyzing DNA molecules they have tried to identify the kinship between modern and Neanderthal man who was considered our ancestor until not long ago. The archaeological remains of a humerus of a Neanderthal man found in 1856 in the Valley of Neanderthal near Dusseldorf, Germany, were chosen for the analysis. Geneticists extracted and examined a bone fragment weighing 3.5 gm. The researchers looked at the Neanderthal sequence with respect to 1,600 human mitochondrial DNA lineages including Africans, Europeans, Asians, Australians and Pacific Islanders. The conclusion was stunning. The experts from Professor S. Paabo's team found the number of differences between the Neanderthal sequence of 379 nucleotides and DNA of modern humans was on average 27. These data were later confirmed by other researchers. According to the calculations of Doctor Paabo, the American scientist from the University of Ohio Doctor Bernard Tevish and scientist from Australia Greg Rawlson, homo sapiens and homo neandertalis should have evolved independently for at least half a million years in order for such differences to appear. "It makes one think," points out the American Scientist magazine, "that we are akin to the specimens of other, higher intellect. We are a kind of cultural branch that has been grafted onto the tree of life by skillful gardeners."
Additionally, we can give you an example of the ancient sulfur. The analysis of its isotopic content confirmed that the bulk of all living creatures on Earth was the same as now billions of years ago. It means that fauna emerged at once in all its volume and variety because otherwise it could not have survived.

Speaking of the origins of the Intelligent Universe, it can be concluded that the majority of its inhabitants exists in the energy form whereas the minority has body of various types.
The planet Earth was created far later than all other planets. Ziurania is an experiment performed by the Intelligences of higher Rulers of the Universe.
Let's recapitulate: it is Preoric Proorzim who is fundamental to all things in the Universe. Father God, created during the third stage, in turn created the Centre of Space Control of the Universe consisting of the Board of Gods or Absolute. The Absolute is directly in charge of the Big and Small Space Councils and the Interstellar Council of Alien Civilizations. Through them it can solve all problems of life in the Universe every second. The decisions it reaches are to be approved by Father God. In case of necessity Father God addresses Dorup Pargag.
Father God placed the Worlds of Beyond inhabited by Archintellect and Superintellect in the centre of space. The Great Father God provided for the creatures of the Highest Level to control life and activities of all planets in the Universe and directly help the Universal Intellect. By the way, this is the answer to the question why aliens come to us. They do it with the sole purpose of controlling and providing timely help.

As the result of a long-term work done in cooperation with the inhabitants of different planets for the first time we can produce an objective evidence of the aliens's charity work aimed at the planet Earth. We have displayed 21 photos. In these pictures one can see the process of clearing of the atmosphere filth and mental negative in Donetsk region. Similar work has been done across the globe.
The Space consists of circumferences diverging from the centre and all the other Intelligences are placed in a spiral linked by a zigzag energy line in one point. Let's try to draw an approximate scheme of the Intelligent Universe. If we take a plane and draw a line that crosses it at an angle of 45 degrees, we will see the Central Axis of the Universe. On the right of the axes there is the Universe filled with life in all its Cosmic manifestations. On the left there is the Intellect not in the sense of intelligence as a creature, but in the sense of Material for creation of planets, material and bodiless living creatures. Let's draw a small square up on the axis; note that we cannot draw it below the axis. There is the Universal Intellect that curates and owns the whole Universe. Let's place two more squares below the first one so that they cover half of it, and then three more squares below the second and the third and so on until we have drawn nine squares (that is nine rows of squares). These are to represent Spirals of Intelligence. Beyond the ninth Spiral of Intelligence there is the Belt of inertial Space (here we draw three rows of small squares). If we decided to draw colourful squares, they would represent all the colours of the rainbow. The first row will be white, the second - bluish, the third - yellow, the forth - orange, the fifth - dark blue, the sixth - red and dark blue (one square will be red, another dark blue and so on), the seventh - greenish-blue, the eighth - white and violet (one square will be white, another violet and so on), the ninth - brown and orange (one square will be brown, the next orange and so on). The colours of the Spirals of Intelligence correspond to the spiritual richness of their inhabitants. We will leave the inertial layer of Space uncoloured. The Material Intellect destined for Creation must be filled with pink squares. It is impossible to draw planets in this scheme because in this case the scheme would have to be drawn along a circumference, specifying the number of planetary systems and the number of planets in each system.

The more pure fine energy there is in all the living Essence no matter what that Essence is, the higher the degree of Intelligence. When the Essence is filled up with the purest energies, it cannot be material.

The Centre of Space Control of the Universe is in fact the Absolute itself. Now we would like answer the readers' question again. The Absolute makes mental decisions every second, every instant. It sends its representatives of the Big and Small Space Councils, or Interstellar Council of Alien Civilizations to settle the matters of life and fruitful activities of planets' inhabitants who might have a problem at a particular moment. It is not located on any specific planet expressly selected for this purpose. The Board of Gods - the Absolute - includes billions of inhabitants of the Universe. These billions of members of the Absolute are divided into numerous subdivisions that don't have a permanent structure. Their structure changes depending on conditions of any given momentary state of the Universe and solutions to the problems that arise in the Universe.
We would like to reiterate that the Absolute is a Collegial Body. It is a creation of all who live in the Universe including plants and even motionless stones. Every object, creature and even a tiny speck of dust has its own intellect. Therefore the Absolute is a complex of all that lives, thinks and gives of itself to the Universe. The Absolute is everything and nothing.
And we would like to emphasize once again that no decision in the Universe is made individually. All decisions are made by the Board of Gods (Absolute) with variable membership, in different situations, but never unilaterally. The Absolute is a Collective Body of the Community of Archi- and Superintelligent and partially those specimens of the Supreme Intellect who have deserved during their lifetime the right to enter the Community of the Absolute.

The Head of the Board of Gods is Dagog. Dagog is a position of the High Ruler while Dagag is an instantaneous Decision of the Absolute expressed unanimously. Dagag is the Intellect of the Universe in a complex expression. This is the Intellect of the Energies of Mind. Dagog presides over the gathering of Super- and Archintelligent. Its name can vary because this position is handed very quickly from one to another. Rulers can change within a very short period of time. But Dagag always remains Dagag, a complex, unanimous expression of thought. Dagag is an Intellect-thought that spreads out in the Universe; it is unanimously expressed to be implemented by those servants who are present on any planet, in space and on Earth.

All of the above is consistent with the latest scientific data. Quantum physics says that the highest reality of being is the universal psi-function that rules the entire Universe as a single and integral system. The positive affirmation of molecular biology is the thesis saying that life of any being is organized by DNA sequence which is a fragment of some endlessly wise Word characterized by fullness (let's quote the Bible: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God"). The positive affirmation of mathematical logic is the thesis stating that the most valuable idea for the mathematical creativity is the idea of actual infinity which is outside the realm of mathematics and cannot be grasped by human mind, man can only join it in a mystical way. These views have been expressed and elaborated by the Docent of Mathematics, candidate for Ph.D. V. Trostnikov. As a member of the American Scientific Society, he writes, "When the science was still young and achieving its first successes it became arrogant believing in its own false omnipotence and declared its monopoly of the truth. Now that it has reached the stage of maturity, the science knows more and gradually but surely it begins to turn to the world outlook that was once given to humanity through the Revelation."
Everyone is free to choose the path leading to the truth that is easy for him to negotiate. The most important thing is to strive for the Truth.

Elements and Structures of Cosmos Management

The Cosmos is a Universe that includes, on the one hand, an unlimited amount of matter with planets and their inhabitants, and, on the other hand, it is a Universe that includes all particles from energy small ones to energy huge ones, its form is concentrated and it includes energy and material terrestrial forms.
The Cosmos is divided into the Light, Dark and Brown Cosmos.
The Light Cosmos is the Intellect of the Universe that comprises energies which heal, purify and enoble the Soul, make the Souls of both earthlings and any other inhabitant of the Universe cleaner and fuller, give birth and flourishing, bring closer to the Forces of the Absolute. The Absolute is a derivative of the mental form of many individuals governing the Universe at the highest level. The Universe in all its manifestations represents a magnetoenergy-plasmic Colossus that can be controlled by a thought of such power that human brain cannot grasp the concept of it. A specific decision of many billions of Superior Intelligences gives rise to the creative power of thoughts. This power results in creation of planets and all their inhabitants. The same power shrouds everything that is reality. Tiny nuances of the mental activity of the multitude of Governors of the Universe are reflected in concrete lifeforms existing in the whole Universe. By creating the existing lives, including the objects you consider inanimate, the Great Creative Thought of the Collective Organ keeps on obeying the cosmic rules and in the course of the existence of the latter maintains their vital functions by means of its Great Thought. Particles of thought are part of the origin of all that exists in Nature and constitute the Soul, the center of Intelligence of this origin. Everything existing in the Universe carries in itself a Thought-Intellect - an action of the Great. The Absolute is the existence of a common Intellect-Origin in all the origins. In fact, an inhabitant of another planet and an inhabitant of the planet Earth, the stone you step upon and a metal from another planet, a bird soaring in the sky and a snake creeping on the ground as well as amorphous inhabitants and all the others comprise the Origin - a drop of the Original Creator - and have common roots of the Universal Intelligence sent by the enormous power of the Intellect of the Supreme Governors of the Universe. The Light Cosmos brings good, joy, love, friendliness and benevolence.
The Dark Cosmos collects the negative from the whole Universe, processes it and gives particles of Abstract-Energy instead to refill the Light Cosmos. The Dark Cosmos is situated between the Inertial layer and the Intelligent Universe. It is a dump where emissions of heavy negative terrestrial energy are taken. It is a field under a very poerful tension necessary for keeping the energy of mental forms within. The dump is also life contained in very heavy, mean and depressing mental forms. The Dark Cosmos is directed by Theophan - a Superintelligent Universal Curator of Purifying Forces who has the right of advisary vote in the Absolute. He is also a Planetary God of the energy planet Freella that collects the energy negative to turn it into Abstract-Intellect, material for Creation. Servants of the Dark Cosmos are spirits, former inhabitants of Earth and energy inhabitants of all the planets to whom the Universal Intellect assigns tasks connected with concentration of negative energy and its transformation into forms able to give power and bring back to life. If it weren't for the Dark Cosmos, the Universe would be filled with negative mental forms of evil energy. These are not energies dependent on the Devil; they are momentary negative mental forms, mental emissions of single or many earthlings. The Dark Cosmos has many servants, but if we, earthlings, manage to overcome our negative urges and actions, the Supreme Intellect will summon a lot of its servants to perform other, more important works and the inhabitants of the Universe will have a purer and easier life.
The Brown Cosmos is the Cosmos owned by the Vice Father God in the Universe Azeiut. Azeiut is a Creation of the Absolute. This is an Archintelligent carrying a Great Mission. The Archintelligent are energy lives of finest matters that move in any direction in the Universe at a momentary, beginning from zero, speed and do not need material objects like spaceships. The Archintellect is eternal. Azeiut communicates with Great Father God as his son. His creation is the need for control over the moral and psychological purity of the Universe whose part the planet Earth is. It is because of the difficult moral and psychological situation on our planet that Azeiut has been working only with the Earth and its inhabitants for several centuries. Being an extraordinarily intelligent creation of the Creator, Azeiut is shrewd, he has Power and Force that, when translated into action, can move planets from their habitual condition. He is Great and Mighty; for him his Mission is suffering when we, people, refill his grain bins with our Souls. He rejoices over our purity and is sad when we have dirty Souls. He is too clever not to distinguish between good and evil; he suffers more than those he hurts do, still he carries out his mission properly. In the Brown Cosmos there are Forces of Darkness that control all the evil there is in the Universe. It is called brown not because of its color but because brown is the carrier of very heavy negative. While the Dark Cosmos is in fact a pure and illuminated place where negative thoughts and actions are processed, the Brown Cosmos works only with the Souls of those who bring evil and with the Souls that have already left their physical body-carrier on Earth. The Brown Cosmos exists for all inhabitants of the Universe because it takes the Souls of exponents of different planets who break the Laws of Great God; however, its major part is reserved for the inhabitants of the planet Earth since the Brown Cosmos deals mostly with the earthlings, the Earth and all the energy surrounding that accompanies the Earth and its inhabitants.

The Cosmos replenishes human energy. If a person does not believe in God, does bad things, is indifferent to other people's suffering, he is curated by the Brown Cosmos. A person, who doubts his actions and his behaviour, has the energy of both the Brown and the Light Cosmos. The energy of the Light Cosmos prevails in a person who fights and tries to discover his own identity. If a person persists in his attitude of kindness and love, he is filled with the Energy of the Great White Intellect, i.e. the Energy of Father God.
Cosmos Management is performed by the Cosmic Hierarchy. It is a community of energy lives and human Souls that have the honor of remaining among those who makes decisions about the destinies of the inhabitants of the Universe. There are several Levels of Hierarchy:
1st Level. The Hierarchs who have been granted the right to curate only the inhabitants of Earth and their Souls.
2nd Level. The Hierarchs who control both the lives and Souls of earthlings and the lives of inhabitants of other planets in Space.
3rd Level. The Supreme Hierarchs of the Great Cosmic Intellect. They control the entire space of the Universe.
Let's dwell on each Level in more detail.
1st Level. The Hierarchs who are at this Level control the activities of the inhabitants of Earth, determine the degree of purity of the Souls of earthlings, implement the orders of the Supreme Hierarchy of the Great Cosmic Intellect.
2nd Level. Its Hierarchs make decisions about the destinies of the inhabitants of the planet Earth at collective meetings. These meetings or sittings are held together with delegates of the Hierarchs of the 1st Level.
3rd Level. These Hierarchs solve problems of the Universe and rarely address personal issues. When a global problem regarding a planet or its inhabitants must be solved, the Minor or the Great Councils of Hierarchy.

All the Great who hold honorary positions in the Great Cosmos are Hierarchs. Pure open Souls filled with kindness, Souls that love others, all living and inanimate things from the human point of view, can become Member Hierarchs. They deserve the title of Patriarchs later, thanks to their hard work and huge amount of knowledge given to the Universe.
The Universal Hierarch is a Vice Patriarch. He possesses rich knowledge but less power than the Patriarch. A Patriarch, from the terrestrial point of view, can be a priest or an elder of the church. An ordinary person who has a rich life experience and is old enough can be called a Patriarch too. The Universal Patriarch is an Essence that contains centuries-old knowledge, i.e. knowledge of billions of centuries. At the same time, he has the Power of Great God because a Patriarch is the Force of Power of Great God himself. It is the Top of serving Great God. In the Great Absolute there are no Gods that do not have to title of Patriarch. God and Patriarch are parallel notions. The title of Patriarch is given only by the Board of Gods after the Intellect of the Board gets information from Great God about the possibilty of giving this title to specific Hierarchs. God recognizes them as worthy members of his Brain.
As the Hierarchs of the 1st and the 2nd Levels perfect themselves, they reach the position of the Hierarch of the 3rd Level.

The Main Laws of the Cosmic Hierarchy: 1. Do not leave the one who deserves a reward without the reward.
2. Do not reject the one who has doubts, let him affirm himself.
3. Give a sinner a chance to improve if he is eager to try.
4. Do not leave the one who has broken the Laws of the Universe unpunished because impunity will lead to an increase in the number of people who break the law.
The earthlings must know that no action can pass unnoticed by the Hierarchy.

The Cosmos does not want to promote angelic behaviour among earthlings, but religious dogmas that are 80% similar to the Laws of the Universe can help to save human Soul from destruction. Since we have mentioned religious dogmas, let's talk about what the Cosmos thinks of religion. The attitude of the Cosmos towards religion is simple: if a person believes in a certain religion, it will be true for him. Other religions must never be restrained. The true faith is the one that helps a person who professes it to bring warmth, light and kindness to the people who surround him and to nature. If a person brings kindness, warmth and light, yet he does not go to church, he serves God all the same. There is no need to get down on your knees and scream about your faith for the whole world to hear. If you don't wish bad things for other people, like for yourself, you are already God's child. To live according to God's Laws means to be kind with people. People must not worship either idols or religion for the sake of religion. People don't need any sects. Profess the religion that has been recognized as the major religion by your people for centuries and know that there are Great Forces in Cosmos. These Great Forces do not want to destroy us, earthlings. They want to do the thing we were created for on Earth by Great God - help us become perfect in our Souls and our bodies.
We must be literate, clever, developed people who know that there are the Great Forces of Cosmos. They are not just Abstract Forces. Every spirit that is near us has a certain position, performs certain tasks and has a certain name. There will be no second advent of Christ; there will be no single individual who will come to change the world completely. Messengers of the Great Absolute will come; they will be born in the human body with Souls of the exponents of the Great Remoteness. These will be inhabitants of Earth with mental development and a Soul of the Superintelligent and Highly Intelligent. They will grow with a different consciousness.

Taking into consideration the above-stated, we, the actual inhabitants of Earth, must rebuild our self-consciousness, understand the simple truths we can understand and, having done so, go a few Steps up Jacob's Staicase of Perfection. Any knowledge obtained in connection with this fills our Souls with Great Energy and Light of Cosmos. As soon as our Soul begins to become lighter inside the physical body, it sends signals to the Mind which increases the number of convolutions of the brain giving us an opportunity to get more knowledge. The Cosmos gives us knowledge through the Soul. The information the Cosmos gives to people, carries energy, that's why the degree of mastering of the information is directly proportionate to the degree of a person's being filled with Cosmic energy and the latter depends first of all on the person's spirituality.

Universal Knowledge From The Very Beginning

Besides the material life on our Mother Earth there is also life around Mother Earth and beyond it. The energy life around the planet Earth is called Teteya or the expanse of the Universe. Each person - both while he is alive and after his Soul leaves the physical body-bearer - has his place in Teteya. The place is an energy home where Teiuda comes to receive strength for its owner. A place in Teteya is reserved for each person's Soul and depends on the level of the Soul's purity; the purer the Soul is, the closer it is situated to the center of Teteya. The nearer a place is to the heart of Teteya, the more help a person gets and the purer energy is given to him for the physical maintenance of the body. The darker, the more sinful a Soul is, the closer to the surface of the Earth it settles. And the Souls of such people often wander near the planet's surface after they leave the body. One can change one's place in Teteya many times during one's lifetime. It all depends on what kind of life this individual leads, how he thinks, how he acts.

Now we will explain what a Teiuda is. Teiuda is the cosmic part of an earthling's Soul, inherent in every human, which has an aim set by the Great Father God - to carry the information about its owner to the "Data Bank". The subsequent Destiny of a human being is regulated as the result of the analysis of these data. First the information is transferred to the Data Bank situated on Earth and called Odon where the knowledge about earthlings is stored. It is located in our planet's energy, within the gravity of the Earth. Then the information is transferred to the Universal Space Data Bank.
Teiudas are given blessing for their owners to do good deeds that have favorable outcome on Earth and they also ask for help for their owners, praying for their bad actions to be forgiven. Teiudas are always by their owners' side. They go away within a comparatively small range - up to 35-40 km. But they can move several thousand kilometers away for a very short period of time when necessary. They transmit the information about their owner by means of telepathy. They are prohibited to conceal the affairs and actions of their owners. The real role of Teiudas is meticulous honesty. In the cosmos, a bad Teiuda is referred to as poor.

A Teiuda is a Cosmically Intelligent Entity accumulating knowledge from all the previous lives of a person. When a human dies, the terrestrial part of the Soul (terrestrial Soul) transmits all its knowledge accumulated in the course of this particular life lived by the person to Teiuda and goes away to reach its destination. The Teiuda awaits the next incarnation of this Soul (its reincarnation) and then it controls the Person in the new life without interfering in his destiny. Teiuda can join the terrestrial Soul and give to it the necessary knowledge if the Gods permit. A Teuda is a kind of data bank for all the previous lives of a certain person. Teiuda is allowed to wander in Teteya that surrounds the Earth, reaching its energy film. The Teiudas in Teteya have names different from those of the Person living on Earth. Frequently it is the name from the past insertion of the Soul. In the intervals between the insertions all Teiudas dwell in Teteya working with the earthlings or on the planets of the accumulation of strength for the future life, near the owner. It is mostly a complex life both in work and in rest. A Teiuda does not penetrate into the terrestrial body; it accompanies the body and is given to a human along with the terrestrial Soul. In Teteya, Teiuda moves in a slightly yellowish luminous energy ring. When Teiuda flies, the ring creates a kind of halo to which it clings and performs different acrobatic exercises with its help. When Teiuda stops to do some work, the ring descends to its feet and expands, resembling a broad hoop. Having finished the work, Teiuda bends down, takes the edge of the hoop that shrinks again to the size of a narrow ring and moves in the assigned direction.

Teteya is also called the House of Father God or Valentina. It surrounds Mother Earth as energy that is a softened version of the body of Father God. Valentina is an Abstract Intelligent Part of the Body of Father God which bears the knowledge about all the inhabitants who live, who lived and who will live on Mother Earth. It is easy for Valentina to grant absolutely real information about any earthling. In the cosmic language the name Valentina means "the one who possesses knowledge about the others' lives". Valentina does not dwell on any particular planet. It occupies the space near Mother Earth in the Universe and is included into the field of Father God located within the gravity of the Earth. The body of Valentina can be represented as a ring around Mother Earth. Valentina wraps up the Earth just like the white surrounds the yolk in an egg. The body of Valentina is powerful Abstract Intelligent energies which have the right and are able to divide the dense mass, separate particles, penetrate into a body and pass through this body concerning both Mother Earth and any entity living on Mother Earth. Not only Mother Earth but every planet in the Universe has its particle - a coat situated around the planet - the Body of the Father. This coat consists of powerful Abstract Intelligent substances everywhere. The name Valentina is typical only of Mother Earth. All which is situated above Valentina is called Mokayad.
Mokayad is the Intelligent Universe.

Intelligence can be material and energy-related. The material Intelligence suggests a material coat for placement of energy Intelligence. The term "material" fails to reflect the essence of the problem completely since the energy is an extremely fine and tender yet powerful and strong matter that has a much higher level of safe reliability than a rough material physical body. Mokayad is a community of planets and their inhabitants. The planets of Mokayad are inhabited by those who bear the wisdom of the Universe. Man should be aware that when meeting an extraterrestrial he meets the Universal wisdom.

We need not be afraid of looking stupid. We, the people of Earth, are children and it is not our fault that we do not know many Universal truths. A human brain will never be able to see and thoroughly understand what Mokayad is - a common home where many forms of high energy life live peacefully - without filling up with the energy from beyond and connection of the cosmic part of the Soul to the Intelligence. Terrestrial souls have an opportunity to move in Mokayad because Father God wants them to. The energy of Mokayad has a more delicate structure than the energy of life Teteya. Teteya is the present, Mokayad is the future and Odon is the past. The energy of Mokayad belongs to the Superenergies of the near future.
No human can know the Superenergies of the near future. Only a restricted circle of earthlings who have finished the energoreconstruction of the Soul's body and withstood tests to enter the Field of Wisdom of birth and death perception are capable of seeing the near future. An Intergalactic or, more precisely, Intercosmic space is situated among the planets of Mokayad which is a community of planets and their inhabitants (including the Earth and its physical inhabitants). The number of spaces coincides with the number of the Degrees of Intelligence.

A Galaxy is a community of space and its inhabitants that has a definite number of planets inhabited by different lifeforms and sealed by one energy field with a tight link between planets and planet clusters.
There is a space of granular energy between Galaxies, a sort of curtain, a barrier. It can be defined as Energoconcentrate of Intelligent Energy, maintaining a certain volume of the Galaxy space. It is possible to cross the barrier and enter another Galaxy only by Will and Order of the Creator. By the way, the spaceships of many lives in the Universe function at the level of the Creator's Energothought rather than the Energothought of the planets' inhabitants. The Creator is infinitely kind and allows the deserving to use the Power of Their Intelligence to negotiate Space and Time in the matter of moments. In the Universe this action is called telekinesis.
The Galaxy where Earth is situated is called Ecatahedron in the Universe. On the edge of the Universe time passes more quickly than in the middle. The neighbours of the Galaxy Ecatahedron are the Galaxies Etrahedron, Picatahedron, Phetahedron. The Galaxies are oval and move constantly clockwise. The oval structure is plastic and does not have strict outlines, the outer coat changes with movement. The size of the Galaxies varies. Ecatahedron is the strongest Galaxy. It measures 39 million light years in the minor diameter and 75 million light years in the major diameter. Phetahedron is the smallest Galaxy. It measures 3 million light years in the minor diameter and 7 million light years in the major diameter. Mokayad comprises 13 Galaxies at the moment. The 14th Galaxy is preparing to enter the Mokayad community, others are at the level of Material for Creation.

Material for Creation is a place in the Universe where there are no planets. In this place there is the Energointelligent Matter - Father God's storeroom. Astronomers of the Earth observe clusters of energies with Neutral Intelligent content in every Galaxy and mistake them for Galaxies, hence the large number of Galaxies from the terrestrial point of view, considerably exceeding their real quantity. These clusters are characterized by vortical life condition, their own properties, their individual field which differs from that of Mother Galaxy where they exist. Such Neutral Intelligent energies maintain the vital functions of the Galaxies and their inhabitants, coordinating the Constant of the Energointelligent background of the Galaxy.
Near each planet there is a certain atmosphere called "Interplanetary space". This space is similar to the one on Earth. It is illuminated by the Sun on our planet; on other planets the illumination is either provided by their own Stars or absent at all. On certain planets the illumination comes from within thanks to a planet's coat where life is. The space surrounding a planet, together with its illumination, magnetoelectrical and other energies of great power, constitutes the Interplanetary Space called the Universe or Cosmos.

The life of Mokayad planets that is different from the terrestrial life is encoded as ZXY (zet-iks-igrec) alien life. ZXY is energies of the aliens that are far away from Mother Earth. They are not connected with the energies of the planet Earth by means of a field. Before making any kind of contact with an earthling, ZXY - alien lives of different levels of Intelligence - have to take a course to master the knowledge of the influence of their planetary energies on the consciousness of perception of intelligent urges by a subject. Additionally, those of them who have got access to the interplanetary connections, have to go through the reconstruction of the energy level of consciousness in order to be able to overcome the level of energofullness only with the energies akin to the planet. Prior to the beginning of interaction with the life on other planet, aliens are trained in a special way to achieve such level of contact which will allow to overcome the terrestrial energies without hurting the earthlings on the one hand, and to prevent the terrestrial energies affecting the aliens on the other.
What is the purpose of all this information about the Universe and its inhabitants? Living in the age of rationality, we have got accustomed to using the information which can somehow foster prosperity, help to orientate ourselves better with regard to the people surrounding us and so on. It is such or similar rationalism in conjunction with scarce spirituality or total lack of spirituality that has caused the critical condition of Mother Earth's health, forcing the planet to ask Father God for its salvation. Such condition of the Earth is caused by the irrational attitude of its inhabitants both to the interior of Mother Earth and the pollution of its surface by the industrial waste, nuclear tests etc. The negative psychoemotional background of the attitude of the inhabitants of Earth to one another and to themselves also affects the planet in a negative way.
The lack of spirituality of many earthlings attracts the negative "six z" to them- it is a sign of chemically closed environment of every Planetary System. Chemically closed means without Intelligence. It can be defined as a swamp deprived of life. People often think that it is Devil who does us wrong and leads us astray. These are but delusions of those who do not understand that the energy life created by the Will of Father God could never hurt anyone. Its task is to make man realize that the cause of all evil and darkness lies inside himself. A lot of viscous, unintelligent, absolutely inert energy has been reaching out to Mother Earth. Mother Earth can no longer cope with this darkness and viscosity. Mother Earth needs help to gain strength. This help can be provided only by extraterrestrials as we, the inhabitants of Earth, are no longer able to help our planet on our own.

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