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Lectures for earthlings

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L. Bondar.   G. Lestchenko.   M. Brodski.

The authors would like to thank the secretaries of the Center for Cosmos Connection: messengers of the Universe Tatiana Brodskaya and Galina Erohina for their substantial contribution to the preparation of the book for publishing.


The Archintelligent Ruler of the Moon Mother Zetera Khach addresses the intelligent life of Mother Earth Ziurania.
"All the inhabitants of Mother Earth are part of the Universe. The Soul of each living creature is an intelligent representative of Father God on Earth. It is a link between the material carrier and the life of the Universe. A pure Soul is a giver of energies that heal the Universe. A Soul that becomes dark because of bad thoughts and actions is a painful thing for the life of the Universe. The life on your Mother depends on the purity of the Soul.
The life of Mokayad the Intelligent Universe has many mysteries for you, earthlings. One of these mysteries is the life of the Soul. Maybe many people will want to reconsider their thoughts and actions after learning the laws of the life of the Soul? Everyone can keep his Soul pure. It doesnt take much: one must live according to the Laws of the Father accepting as a dogma the teaching Love your neighbor as yourself. Having united the Mind of the Soul and the mind of the brain, one can without fear follow the path of life knowing that the Forces of Light will help him in this movement.
The inhabitants of the Intelligent Universe are waiting for the earthlings to open their Souls and their minds for a great step towards a connection with the Intelligences of Supreme Degree.
Khach reasonably suggests that humans do a very simple thing: return to the Universe! Protect the Souls particles of the Body of the Father from dirty thoughts and deeds.
The life of Mokayad is ready to open its arms for you! And many secrets of the Universe will be revealed for you with the help of knowledge."


Man is the highest level of living organisms on Earth, a creature that lives in a society and is able to produce and use utensils; he has a complex brain structure, consciousness and intelligible speech. This is a subject of social and historical activity and culture, a living system, a unity of physical and spiritual, natural and social characteristics, inheritable and acquired features. Man crystallizes in himself all that has been accumulated by the humanity for centuries. A child inherits a stock of genetic information through a specific body structure, brain structure, nervous system. Actions of a person, the way he thinks and feels depend on the objective historic conditions he lives in, on the characteristics of the social group whose interests he presents either consciously or unconsciously. On the other hand, the contents of a persons spiritual life and the laws of his life are not programmed hereditarily. The French writer Jean de le Brueier is right when he says that a person shouldnt be judged at first sight like we judge a painting or a statue; we must penetrate into the depths of his soul. Merits are usually shrouded by a veil of modesty; weak points are hidden behind a mask of hypocrisy; only a few people who can see into a persons heart are able to understand the character of another person at once since both perfect merits and deep-rooted vices are revealed only gradually and only depending on the circumstances at that. For the French writer Paul-Henri Holbach man is a susceptible, sensitive, intelligent and reasonable creature that strives for self-preservation and happiness. According to the French philosopher Rene Descartes, there are no phenomena that can remain unknown and there are no mysteries that cannot be understood. And the English writer Daniel Defoe has a worse opinion about man; he considers man to be at least a creature without foresight especially when man declares to be happy or thinks that he can live using his own mind. We like the wonderful thought of the Russian empress Catherine II about man. Conducting the policy of illuminated absolutism, she managed to reinforce and expand the Russian Empire, contributed to the promotion of a number of outstanding statesmen and military men. All this was possible thanks to her faith in man. She wrote: Preserve the great spiritual qualities that distinguish an honest and great person and hero. Be afraid of any hypocrisy. Let no disease of vulgarity eclipse your antique taste of honor and kindness. A kind-hearted person tries to transform everything into good things and actions; a person with a mean heart tries to find a bad side to any good thing. Be mild, love people, be accessible, compassionate and generous; dont let your greatness prevent you being kindly condescending with small people and put yourself in their shoes so that this kindness will never belittle neither your power nor their reverence. Listen to everything worthy of attention at least to some extent; let everyone see that you think and feel the way you should. Act so that kind people can love you and bad people can be afraid of you and everyone can respect you. When a person realizes that he is who he is, it always happens through his relationship with others. Immanuel Kant pointed out that man is inclined to communicate with other people because in this condition he is more likely to feel human, i.e. he feels his natural qualities develop. Having this inclination for communication with others, each person must remember the words of the Persian writer Al Maali If you want to be appreciated according to your merits, appreciate other people, too. The German writer Adolf von Knigge says almost the same thing: The art of treating other people consists in being able to promote oneself without ousting others, adapt to the opinions and inclinations of people without being hypocritical, easily learn the tone of any society without sacrificing the traits of ones character and without being humiliated. Do not dishonestly expose the weaknesses of your neighbor in order to dominate. Do not reveal his mistakes in order to expose your own merits. If you dont have anything, if you are depressed by sadness and grief, if you are deprived, if you feel that your heart and mind are weak, do not complain to anyone except to the one who will certainly help you! Only a few people are eager to share our sadness Similarly one shouldnt boast ones happiness. One shouldnt be too glamorous, rich and gifted in the eyes of others! People can rarely bear such advantage without outrage and envy. Do not involve anyone into your private quarrels and do not demand that those you communicate with participate in the quarrels between you and others. Do not invite at the same time and do not put at the same table people who dont know each other and maybe even hate each other or mutually bore each other. Keep yourself from carrying news from one house to another and retelling explicit things said at the table, family talks and your remarks about the family life of the people you communicate with. We dont think that the readers will be offended by the fact that we quote classics many times for, as the Czech thinker and humanist Jan Amos Komenskiy said, Quotations from the classics will be of wonderful benefit and there will always be something that will remain impressed in mind and will spread into flesh and blood. While getting to know the culture, man develops mechanisms of self-control represented by the ability to willingly regulate a wide range of needs, yearnings, instincts and so on. This self-control is in reality a social control. It inhibits the impulses that are not acceptable for this social group and is a necessary condition for the life of society. The more intensively the humanity develops, the more difficult the problems of education and upbringing are, the problems of a persons forming as an individual. The English poet John Donne writes: No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friend's or of thine own were. Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.
The man of tomorrow is an intelligent and humane Person, curious and active, who can enjoy the beauty: he is a complete many-faceted person that personifies the unity of his spiritual and physical perfection. We agree with L. Shefer who says that man cant have other purpose than that of being a real person. F. Ruckert exclaims: Man, you are so insignificant compared with the Universe! You are so great in your insignificance because you are part of the Universe. Herbert Wells thought that out of all the living creatures that inhabit our planet only man refuses to resign to his destiny Except for man there is nothing on Earth that would rebel against the force that generated it

We, people, are full members of the Space Community, we have powers and possibilities for communication with representatives of any Civilization in the Universe, we have the right to use the knowledge and experience of the entire Universe to the extent that allows our brain to perceive this knowledge and experience. The Great Absolute did not influence our brain with the purpose of decreasing the number of perceptive brain cells. We are to blame for the state in which the humanity is now. It is no secret that very often through specific individuals we receive periodic knowledge most people treat as the fantasy of a sick imagination. The Great Cosmos always helps us but we refuse to hear its messages. It is time to wake up. It is time to wake up not in an instant but slowly, which is connected with the adoption of the material we get from the remote places for the planet Earth, with the use of spiritual medicines for many people. The Space will provide us, people, with the ways for purification and perfection of the Souls and mind so that the humanity can keep on going up the Upper Steps of the Staircase of Perfection. If we open our Souls towards the Universe, our kind and caring friends extraterrestrials will pour the purity and tenderness of the Universe into them.

Three actions rule this world: wisdom, kindness and compassion. These are three components of the Tree of Life. Wisdom is the Roots of the Tree, kindness is the Crown of the Tree, compassion is the Fruit of the Tree. A person who lives with the Soul and heart of Jesus Christ is unconsciously driven by these three actions in life. These three Forces are at the basis of the evolution of Earth guided by the Space and they contain the secret of human life, the formula of the immortality of the Soul in the Universe. Each earthling has his own vision of wisdom. For one individual wisdom is warmth, sincerity; for another one the ability to control people, to be a dictator, to have a limitless power; for yet another person knowledge, learning, control over ones own body etc. Lets turn to the classics again and see how they interpret the concept of wisdom and then we will talk about the opinion of Mokayad, that is the Intelligent Universe. The Syrian writer and scientist Abu il Farage is sure that a Soul without wisdom is dead. But if it is enriched with knowledge, it will revive like a deserted plot of land watered with rain. The Persian poet As Samarkandi expressed his attitude towards wisdom in the following poem:

There is beauty and greatness in knowledge,
Knowledge is more precious than a treasure of pearls:
Time will destroy any treasure,
But a wise and knowledgeable person is always needed.
An enemy who is wise and knows a lot can be more precious than a friend.
One should respect the wisdom of both ones enemies and friends.

The French writer and moralist Bochen is convinced that education can turn a fool into a scientist yet it will never cancel the original imprint. Daniel Defoe, who was an English writer, statesmen, inventor of the English realistic novel and who glorified the zest for life in his novel Robinson Crusoe, maintains that the highest degree of human wisdom is the ability to adapt to circumstances and to stay calm in spite of external disasters. According to Galileo, the highest wisdom is to know oneself. Michel de Montaigne says that the brightest characteristic of wisdom is constant cheerfulness. Leo Tolstoy wonderfully evaluated wisdom as follows: The characteristic of a wise person is three things: first he does himself what he advises others to do, second he never acts against justice, third he patiently bears the weaknesses of the people around him.
No man can understand that he is wise in his own way, individually; everyone tries to generalize about wisdom. Maybe only Galileo and Tolstoy evaluated this notion as correctly as possible. Wisdom is a cup of time, a wheel of endless life. Wisdom is a talent given by God to all people without exception. To be wise is to realize that you are immortal and, having realized this, to start living according to the Laws of Great God. Not everyone understands the real meaning of what is called good. And again we would like to quote the classics. Lets start with the Christian theologian and cleric Aurelius Augustinus, who wrote that there is no great merit in living long or in living eternally but a person who lives virtuously is certainly to be respected. According to the French publicist and philosopher Pierre Beil, there is no moral other than the one which is based on the principles of intellect and stems from the natural inclination of man for kindness. The theologian Vasiliy the Great writes: Good actions are never done in vain. The one who seeds courtesy reaps friendship; the one who seeds kindness reaps love. A blessing for a grateful soul has never been fruitless and gratefulness usually brings reward. The grain you keep in your storage facilities belongs to a hungry person; the coat that lies in your chest belongs to a bare person; the gold you hid under the ground belongs to a poor person. If someone makes you sad, do not be sad, otherwise you will be like him. For no one heals evil with evil nor good with evil. Dont let the ingratitude of many discourage you from doing good things for others; besides the fact that good actions without any other purpose are a noble thing to do, by doing good things for others you can sometimes get so much gratitude from one single person that it will outweigh the ingratitude of the others. So spoke the Italian historian, philosopher, humanist and politician Francesco Guicciardini.
No one can give an exact definition of good; no one knows the size of kindness, only a few know what good must be like. Almost all people make favors to one another in life and call it good. But the real meaning of good is the elimination of interfering negative forces for all living creatures. Good and Intellect are the Symbol of the Cosmic Wand managed by Father God. When you give a coin to a beggar, dear reader, you do a favor; when you give him food, it is a favor too; when you let him spend the night in your home it is a favor. And when you help him to find a job and a purpose in life it is good. When you help your neighbor artificially with medications to fight a disease, it is a favor, but if you help this person to reinforce the protective mechanisms of his body and gain will to be, cured it is good. Do not be afraid of the fact that the patient is hopeless: he must fight till the end and know his disease. Because Jesus knew in advance the outcome of his life for the body and Soul, too: the body is matter, the Soul is an awareness of eternal life. If parents think that they do a good thing for the education of their child by punishing him immediately for a mistake, they are wrong. A child should be given an opportunity to understand and realize what he has done and to regret it. By immediately punishing the child you provide him with an excuse for further lie, deceit and resourcefulness. And with your reasonable behavior you will do only good to the child and God will be grateful to you. If we speak of compassion, it is helping your neighbor. The English philosopher, inventor of the English materialism Francis Bacon thought that excessive desire of power resulted in the angels falling, excessive desire of knowledge results in the fall of man but compassion cannot be excessive and wont harm either man or angel. The greatest, most divine which there is in man is compassion and forgiveness, wrote A. Dumas Junior. The opinion expressed by the French writer and moralist Francois de la Rochefoucauld suits our time very much. He thought that compassion elevated to the level of virtue is practiced by some people partially out of vanity, sometimes as the result of laziness, sometimes out of fear and almost always under the influence of all the three urges at once. What can I give you if I dont have anything? But I will share what God has given me and what I live on myself this is the life of Jesus Christ, an explanation for a child of what the New Testament teaches. When you have three loaves of bread and you give one of them to your neighbor and say Dont forget to give it back to me!, it is cruel. But if you share your last loaf of bread with a person in need without asking anything in return i.e. sincerely, this is true compassion. Never regret a piece of bread you give to a person in need; you will get double gratitude from God.
The sense of human life is to live, exist in any form of ones outward appearance, to bring joy to those who are near, be useful for those who are in need, bring up the children tenderly, take care of them until they become independent, demand that unwise do their duty etc. Man was generated by Great God and people must exist for the good of Great God who is the Body of the Universe. The meaning of life is not to hurt the Body of God in which people are small blood vessels, tiny nuclei of His inner content. Besides, the sense of human existence is perfection of mind, its elevation to extreme heights while it resides in a relatively fragile body. The next objective for people is to bring their body with the help of physical training and spirituality to a state in which it will exist for a hundred years multiplied many times. And finally, the meaning of human life is the communication with the Universe and discovery of its mysteries.

Human consciousness is a set of energy mental images naturally formed under the influence of the energy forms on Earth, surrounding people, flora and fauna and inhabitants of Space. In every convolution of the human brain there are tiny receptors that detect in the atmosphere information destined for each of them, information that is transformed into an image behavior that affects the actions and feelings of an individual. The process of creation is instantaneous; it does not depend on a persons will. We would like to reiterate that the process of forming of the receptors does not depend on the will and desire of an earthling; it is spontaneous and obligatory for the functioning of the consciousness, but it is possible, with the will of a complete person, to eliminate impulses of feelings and soften, decrease the desire of taking any action. The atmosphere of any planet and Earth is no exception is full of lots of various bits of information that facilitates the development of human mental activity. Out of billions of rudimentary data each receptor in the human brain perceives only one vital section of this knowledge destined for it. A nearby receptor perceives the next part of the total amount of knowledge and so on until this knowledge is formed completely. A complete picture of information is created out of the received kaleidoscope of micro particles of knowledge. Each receptor transforms the acquired part of knowledge into a bit of image. The bits or parts of the image unite and create the complete image of knowledge. The receptors that have got part of data extract from these data useful or dangerous information and transfer it to the information center for collection of partial information and its transformation into complete information, which allows to prepare the brain for giving an order to the physical body to form feelings as the persons reaction to the received information in the form of knowledge. Constant and instantaneous work is performed inside the brain regarding the realization of all the events that take place around it and, in order to exclude energy overload for the brain, the received information must be eliminated through feelings and emotions. The images reacted to with the help of emotions disappear and the receptors perceive the next portion of knowledge and data from the surrounding atmosphere. Part of knowledge is fixed in the end of the receptor by a forced decision and stays conserved until a certain moment when the manifestation of this knowledge becomes necessary for the earthling. This part of work of the brain is called accumulation of knowledge in the subconsciousness and it is done by those who follow the person to protect him and manage his mental activity. The unconscious accumulation of knowledge is the basic driving force that increases the human intelligence.
The nervous system guided by a powerful center of human intelligence the central nervous system forms the persons behavior according to its state. The ideal variant is when the brain cells and nerve-endings are tuned in with the vibrations of the Fields of Mother Earth and Mokayad. Such tuning is initially performed by inserting into the body of an earthling who is born to accomplish his mission in the Universe. The harmony of the vibrations of the Fields of Mother Earth and Mokayad is reached at the Behest of the Father as well as through the work of Valentina (Teteya). When there is ideal merging of the essence of an earthling and the conglomerate of energies of purity a person with high spiritual and mental talents is born, a great scientist, musician, poet, singer etc. In order for this to take place the future earthling must be protected from external blows inflicted on his developing body and psyche. A persons identity starts forming as early as when the fetus is 7 days old. If the parents dont want the baby to be born, the factor of unwillingness as a thought penetrates into the Souls Embryo and hurts it inflicting an irreversible damage on the future earthling. This thought makes his future deficient. The future inhabitant is encoded as an undesirable life and in this case there is no harmony of merging with the Fields of Mother Earth and the Universe. Human embryo should be protected during the entire period of pregnancy and the birth of a person of any sex should be desirable. If the baby is wanted, the Harmony Field wont be rejected. The second factor is the parents desire to have a child of a certain sex.
If a girl is conceived, and the parents constantly speak about their wish to have a son, the baby is hurt as though her birth were not desirable at all.
When a baby is born he enters this world at the same time illuminated and full of darkness because there is so much negative accumulated on Mother Earth that no place is safe. By the way, the negative blows inflicted on the human psyche start when two origins merge and continue for the entire life. As a fetus the baby gets blows directly from the parents according to the above-described scheme and indirectly through them. After the baby is born his brain and nervous cells get the negative in a direct stream from external factors but they also get the positive of the Harmony of the Fields of Mother Earth and the Universe. The blows the babys psyche suffers must and can be softened so that in future this person can avoid nervous and mental disturbs. There is a very simple yet quite effective possibility of protection that consists of the following points:
1. Children shouldnt be spoken to in an imperious tone. A calm voice produces a lasting effect of energy protection from negative blows.
2. Parents must talk with the child about his future social life from the very childhood, supposing his movement in life. If the parents treat the child with love and feel his future, they can give him a direction in his destiny while he is still a baby. Such conversations indirectly attach the Soul to the Field of certain Mother of the Field of Vautt and this Mother begins guiding its earthling. Terrestrial life is a conglomerate of energies concentrated in a material body and tied by invisible links with the Energy Layers of the Intelligence of the Universe and Mother Earth. There are many Universal Mothers in the Universe (of health, good, knowledge, carefulness etc.). Each of them carries a specific Power and has its own energy Field with a corresponding content. Connections threads go from a normal earthling towards the Field of every Mother Ruler. The person gets a portion of energy needed for his development from every Mother, but he gets more energy from the Mother his Soul reaches for globally. It is the Soul that directs its owner towards the path of his development as a person. The Soul knows the future of its owner and develops his aspirations towards the use of inserted talents. This is an ideal way of development of an individual.
3. A vulnerable Soul should be protected from other earthlings negative. Thats why kindness and tranquility towards others must be cultivated in a child. Such qualities eliminate the problem almost completely and no negative can enter the body of such earthling because he is closed on the inside against any bad things.
4. A child should be taught to separate good from evil. With this purpose the notions of good and evil should be inserted into the child when he is still a baby and his actions should be aimed at doing good things. Then there will be no problems with the injuries of the psyche.
5. A child should be given protection against fear through the word and it should be explained in advance that darkness is a physical phenomenon it is natural and it does not change anything in the environment and dogs are mans friends. People can be in a bad mood and they look sad. Dogs can be afraid of people and manifest their aggression as a protection. Other possible fear factors should be mentioned and then the persons psyche wont get any blows when he encounters them.
One must always remember that parents word plays an important role in the upbringing of a child. When a child is told about the rules of behavior the energy of words and sounds enters the brain and sets the taught rules of behavior. The words and sounds influence the brain and form not only the background for behavior but they also create an enormous energy wall protection. Adults always have a vulnerable nervous system because of their unpreparedness in the childhood. If we remove the hyperbolized sexuality from Freuds teaching, he is right in saying that the source of adults mental blows should be sought in their childhood.


Man constantly interacts either with Light or with Darkness that actively affect his vital state. The Light is the Great Power of Space sent from the upper Worlds of Beyond to the planet Earth. The aim of the message is physical and spiritual curing of people. The tasks of the message: select individuals with the noblest souls who strive for good and knowledge and feel the closeness of the Cosmos. The method of work: sending Space energy to the entire population of the planet Earth and taking into consideration those people who reflect this message. The Hierarchs of the Supreme Cosmic Intellect start working with those people who send the Space Light back. It is a great honor and a great blessing for an earthling since he is protected by such powerful forces that nothing in the Universe can endanger him and the evil forces cannot harm him. But if the person uses this Great Blessing to harm others, if he stops perfecting himself, he will gradually lose all the blessings. People must know the Laws of Kindness of the Universe:
1. Human will must not interfere to totally destroy evil. The Christian religion generated on Mother Earth by the Son of Father God Jesus Christ says that evil should not be opposed with evil. It doesnt mean that evil must remain unpunished. If you do not correct evil, it will double. Chekhov is right in saying that humiliation of other peoples suffering should not be forgiven. We, people, think that it is unpunished. But the Universe does not leave any evil manifestation unpunished. We, earthlings, often think that a person who does bad things should be treated the way he treats others. If he is a killer, he must be killed. If he orders to kill another person, an order must be given to kill him. We often fail to realize that a noble person should sympathize with both bad and good people and those who deserve death. For no person is free from fault. Why shouldnt man punish evil by death? Because if evil is punished with violence towards another person, the first evil cannot be punished completely according to the Universal punishment since the second person does a bad thing, too. The punishment that goes from man to man does not destroy evil completely but it spreads evil in small amounts for the rest of the life of earthlings. Man, do not use violence against those who hurt you; youd better say God will judge.
2. The second Law of Kindness provides for compensation to a certain extent for the one who suffers moral and material losses. The Forces of good help this person on condition that he does not wish the death of the person who hurt him.
. The person who brings kindness gets the right to ask Father God for help and receives this help from Fathers Servants. The good component in an earthling is useful because the Forces of the Goddess of Kindness Etata lead him to the objectives he set forth and is not aware of.
4. The one who brings good is protected by the Forces of the Goddess of Kindness Etata from excessive problems and evil that are not supposed to be born by the Karma of previous lives. Sometimes it seems to man that blows of fate are always there along his life path but in reality this person suffers more because of his purity as he takes everything in a hypertrophied manner. The Souls of people who carry good inside are hurt enormously by the most insignificant evil. This law rules the entire Universe.
5. The fifth Law of Kindness makes the Forces of the Universe help those who suffer from evil and fill them with the power of life.
6. The ability of earthlings who carry kindness inside to attract each other in order to unite it in the common impulse for the sake of others.
7. Either a carrier of kindness participates or not, evil and negative are obligatorily burnt in those people who do not live according to the Laws of Kindness and do not carry this Pure Universal Spark inside.
Every earthling must remember that out of all the virtues and strengths of the Soul the greatest strength is kindness. One cannot be just without being humane. The French philosopher honorary foreign member of the Academy of Sciences of Saint Petersburg ideologist of revolutionary bourgeoisie Paul-Henri Holbach thought that to make others happy is the best way to be happy in this world; to be virtuous is to care about others happiness. The Persian and Tajik poet Abdurahman Jami wrote splendid verses:

You cannot judge anyone
Until your Soul is full of kindness

Now lets talk about Darkness. This concept has nothing to do with the time of the day, the weather etc. It characterizes the state of a stagnated illiterate Soul. Darkness does not reflect the Light completely, however it reflects at least some Light and this reflection is good for the person. Light is a Great Blessing for the kind Darkness. The Kindness and Love for God of the darkness of a person who does not know Space and God respond to the Great Cosmic Light. And if this happens, such earthling is protected by the Hierarchy that curates the Earth and the Blessing of Universal Intellect is sent to him. We would like to underline that when we speak of Darkness we mean two concepts: kind Darkness and dark soul. The dark soul unlike the kind Darkness is a person full of egoism, evil, selfishness, material interest. Such soul is not interesting for Space. The Space Hierarchs will not protect it but one thing remains unchanged: if the plan of such Soul changes at least a little bit, if it becomes lighter, God inserts all the positive motions of the Soul into the outline of this creatures life.
In fact good and evil do not have borders because they both are processes of creative thinking and consequently isolation of the energy of thought; and when a thought has been isolated they are separated. A good thought follows to warm up the Soul of a neighbor, to help the energy of the neighbors cocoon, to make things that are good for the intellect of the one to whom the thought has been sent. And evil is harmful for everything. It devours, deprives and humiliates. V.G. Belinskiy thought that people are different and have different passions. For one person for example all the passion all the pathos of his nature is cold spite and he can only be intelligent, talented and even healthy when he bites. For mean people the most pleasant thing is to take revenge for their pettiness throwing the dirt of their opinions and views onto the Sacred and Great. Shakespeare was sure that to a mean person both kindness and wisdom seem mean; the dirt only likes dirt. Anaharsis wrote that a mean person is like coal: if it does not burn you, it makes you black. A sane person shouldnt be mad at those whose mind is scarce and whose Soul is mean. Some people are poor because of the emptiness in their convolutions, others are unhappy because their Souls are full of dirt. One should take the life wisely. One can register the facts of rudeness, meanness and even baseness but this must not generate evil inside. There is no point in having nervous breakdowns; one should be wiser and calmer than that. Most people think that evil is caused by evil forces; yet they should agree with the opinion of Marcus Aurelius: It is strange! Man is outraged by the evil emanated by others that he cannot eliminate, yet he refuses to combat his own evil although it is in his power. An Arab saying is the same: If minks and rats have nests in your barn, there is no use in making a fence around it. As long as evil is in your heart there is no use in keeping all the religious rituals; as long as your hands are not clean there is no use in praying and fastening. The main cause of evil is man itself. F.M. Dostoyevsky did not want to have a society where he could not do bad things but a society where he could do any kind of bad things and did not want to do them. Why deceive oneself? Evil is not outside, it is inside us; it is inside our Souls. We cannot easily be cured from it because we are not aware of our illness. Seneca.

The primitive humans from the very beginning of its life on Earth needed to interpret, explain the environmental phenomena. The first attempts to interpret the nature were the collection of immature religious notions of man. In the endless row of creatures that surrounded man in life he had to immediately distinguish those that were good to him from those that were harmful. And so the first notion of good and evil Spirits was born. The evil origin, the evil Spirit became a full citizen of the religious ideas of people. Whenever people changed their religion the Gods of the old faith turned into the Demons of the new faith and all the rites of the old faith became magic in the eyes of the new religion. The Gods of Ancient Greece and Rome became Demons and evil Spirits in the eyes of the fathers of the Christian church. Europe inherited from the ancient primitive paganism many superstitions and beliefs in evil forces which unfortunately led to the inquisition. A pagan not only believes in the existence of an evil Spirit but he also serves it. He is always sure that benevolent deities treat him kindly. It is different for evil deities. They must be flattered or they will only bring evil and harm. Thats why the primitive humankind had a complex cult of evil Spirit. Hence the appearance of magic as an intermediary between man and the world of gods. Christianity has formally recognized the existence of evil spirit but it proclaimed it Satan (that is opponent) enemy of the benevolent deity. God is venerated, Satan is only feared. To stay away from Stan means to serve and please God. Any attempt to address Satan as the Supreme Spirit is to refuse God. In the human imagination the world was full of the spirits of things and the Souls of the dead and Spirits were thought to be responsible for all the bad and good things that happened in life. The spirits were divided into two big armies depending on what they brought good or evil. The Koran says that the good spirits Angels were told to bow to Adam who was the deputy of Allah on Earth, but Eblis (Devil) full of pride refused to do so. Another Jewish and Christian myth tells how angels or sons of God were attracted by the daughters of man and fell with them and as a punishment for their sins they were driven away from the Kingdom of Heaven and were turned into Demons. Thus both myths recognize Demons as fallen Angels and associate their fall with a sin: in the first myth with pride and envy and in the second myth with love. In the most ancient part of the Book of Enoch for the first time appears the idea of closeness between Devil and man and his fault is depicted as refusing the divine for the humankind, betrayal of Heaven for the sake of Earth. The devils of Enoch are Angels fallen because of love for human daughters who allowed themselves to be chained by material and sensuality. This myth carries a very profound idea in nature there are no creatures whose origin is evil and demonic. Such creatures are fruits of human evolution. As A. France points out, evil is as useful for good as shadow is useful for light; all the virtue is hidden in an effort and if there were no need to fight the Devil, saints would be as lazy as sinners. According to the Law of unity and struggle of opposites, each object of human thought comprises opposites. There are no opposites without their unity; there is no unity without opposites. Many people ask why evil forces exist on Earth and if they are needed at all? Of course they are needed they are the opposite of good. To be able to appreciate how good it feels to be pure, one has to get dirty first but, having gone through dirt, everyone has the right to choose which condition he likes most. Most people like sweets but there are those who like sour and salty things. It is time to draw a conclusion out of the above-described things: the Forces of Darkness (negative) exist but the opinion of earthlings about them is wrong and it is mainly the fault of the church. In the preface to the book People and Demons the priest Rodion writes that the human mind is constructed in such a way that it does not tolerate white spots and, if there is no clear and exact answer, the vacuum that is formed is filled with something anyway even if these are unconfirmed often false opinions. And then in the same book on page 6 it is written: According to a religious legend that is best expressed in the work of Saint Dionysius Areopagit On Heavenly Hierarchy, the orders of Angels are divided into three hierarchies: upper, middle and lower. Each hierarchy is composed of three orders. The upper hierarchy includes: Seraphs, Cherubs, Thrones. The middle angel hierarchy includes: Dominion, Force, Power. The lower hierarchy includes: Origin, Archangels, Angels. All the orders of heavenly forces have the common name of angels according to the essence of their service. God reveals his will to the superior Angels and they transmit it to the others in turn. Thus, the mysteries of God go down in the hierarchy from Seraphs to Angels and each subsequent hierarchy is given only the knowledge it can accommodate at this level of its spiritual development. The word Angel translated from Greek means messenger. Angels were given this name because of their service aimed by All Blessing God at saving humankind. The time when Angels were created is not mentioned in the Holy Writ but, according to the teaching accepted by the Holy Church, the creation of Angels preceded the creation of material world and man.
Now lets see how the Great Mokayad (Intelligent Universe) interprets the notion of Angel. Angel is a collective concept about all the forces of the Light Cosmos that work with people. People called them Angels without knowing their positions and without determining who really works with them at a given moment helping to resolve problems. These pure, light and kind executors work willingly with a great desire and pleasure each at the position it has mastered at this stage of existence. It is impossible to divide the Angel Hierarchy because it does not exist. Angels are a purely terrestrial concept. Those who are called Angels by people are known in Space as Duckets. Ducket-Spirit, the Soul of a former inhabitant of Earth that remains a free Soul forever that is never reinserted. At any given moment the work of an Angel the work of the alien Manna from Heaven (Souls of both former inhabitants of Earth and animals) can be done by any life no matter what the level of its fullness with energies of purity is. One condition the alien Manna from Heaven cannot be the Souls of earthlings that carry dirty background. There are no Angels of revenge; there are executors of the decisions of the Absolute. They can be Heteps, Hitons, Seads and other positions. Hetep is the senior Spirit; he is vested by the power of making independent decisions that do not correspond to the order of the Absolute. Hiton is a junior Hierarch that can and knows but is limited in his rights manifested after the Patriarchs or Great God express their will. He is dressed in tissues consisting of energy threads of the purest Cosmos, from the storeroom of Great God. The word Hiton has two meanings that are presented here with a semicolon. Saed is a junior Hierarch that has the right to execute the Will of the Absolute, he understands the essence of the person the Will of the Absolute is directed at. He has an opportunity to attach other sources to achieve the goal. Saed controls the spirits Heteps and Hitons. There are many executors and their names are mentioned in books. Hua is one of them. Angels of revenge Heteps, angels of revelation Saeds, angels of providence Hitons. Angels of the doomsday Spirits that warn the Soul about what it can expect in the near future; they appear when the Soul leaves the physical carrier. And what does the word Spirit mean? Spirit is an energy existence of the human Soul after it leaves the physical body; the initial state of the Soul ready for work but that can undergo another insertion. For a living person a Spirit is the energy of God, the energy of a certain person he got from the Absolute but transformed by his own Self, by his actions and attitudes. Despite these transformations, the Spirit continues to remain Great and Holy because in spite of the negative brought by the individual the Spirit always cleans itself since it is a stream going from the Absolute and rising above the human essence and flesh. Books often mention Angels that guard the Hell. There are no Angels that guard the Hell, there is no guard in the Universe. The Universe is protected by energy covers that do not let alien Abstract Energies get into certain places and the Soul is energy too, a Clot-Intellect. Lets mention in brief the positions of Angels most frequently used in books. Uriil Hetep, Gabriel Hiton, Michael Saed, Raphail Hiton, Israphil Spirit of death, Mikail Spirit of death, Gibril Spirit of death, Azrail Spirit of doomsday. What is the difference between Spirit and Ducket? Spirits are only Souls of the dead that later after visiting the Earth and carrying out a mission there will be obligatorily inserted into a newborn. And what is the Spirit of death? Spirit of death is an essence that is sometimes materialized to reach the state when it can move emitting sounds that can be perceived by the human ear and sometimes it can be seen. These phenomena are very rare; however, they exist. Man before falling asleep feels something fly over him with a slight wind; sometimes he hears the sound of wings. Besides, strange sounds and rustles appear in the flat at various times. It can be sound of feet that does not stop if we call or talk to it. There can be knocking on the window as if big raindrops knocked on the glass. The dishes tremble, a glass falls down without breaking. In the daytime one can hear puffing and slight cracking. These sounds can be heard distinctly at night by all the members of the family. Together with the sounds quarrels and bad luck appears in the family. This Spirit is sent by a member of this family when he dies. If a dying person is mad at someone, he can make an effort to leave his Energy Double on Earth. This is a special roaming energy robot that stays with those he is attached to. It feeds on the energy of Earth and those he is sent to. It can go away when a member of the family dies. The energy of children suits it especially well. It can speed up the terms of the death of the family members by overstraining their nervous system. This is the purpose of this Energy Double; thats why he wanders. Even if God has planned long life for the members of such family, some of them can change their destiny because they receive constant strong unconscious blows of stress. The spirit of death is a very rare yet a serious and frightening phenomena for humans. Being a subtle matter, Spirits have powers to influence the material world of people living in the physical body. They know much more than man does about the structure and Laws of the Universe; they have means to overcome the laws of the visible world. The church offers people such notion as fallen Angel. From the purely Cosmic point of view there can be no fallen Angels. The Souls of those who serve the Forces of Light and Good. Why this concept appeared then? When a strong and virtuous person dies his Soul is like that of an Angel, it is pure and tender but there is such thing as the laziness of Soul. This concept applies not only to people but also to the Souls that leave their physical body carrier. These lazy Souls that do not want to work with earthlings are called fallen Angels. In Space they are called free Souls. Such Souls after going through the Purgatory find the next physical body very quickly because they are often ready for insertion. Priests are wrong to say that the creation of Angels preceded the creation of the material world and man. Zetera is the Creator of human souls. The Moon created them on the basis of the Abstract Intelligence then it inserted them into a spiral origin. The soul was developing in a material structure getting life experience on Mother Earth. The life gave the humankind various experience and demanded protection. At the next stage the Souls started to perform protective functions. In the beginning when the term of life of a physical body expired the Souls left it without protection then earthlings acquired such energy background on Mother Earth that the Souls needed beds to be prepared after they left the body. The church is also wrong when it speaks of Lucifer, Devil, Satan as fallen Angels, confusing different concepts. It is irrational first of all because Lucifer and his deputies are Creations of the Absolute belong to alien life that has nothing to do with Angels. These lives are abstracted with respect to the planets of residence and are the Creation of Father God appointed for work with the level of the life of Mother Earth. Typical terrestrial descriptions present these concepts irrationally. The forces of Lucifer are Protective Organs of the Universe. There is no need to be a criminal to fight criminals. In Mokayad there are no forces that do not respect the Laws of its life; in the Intelligent Universe there are no Forces that want the destruction of energy forms of life including human Soul. All energy forms and Spirits we talked about dwell in Teteya. Teteya is the House of Father God or part of the Field of the Universe that surrounds the Earth. The time on Earth and in Teteya is not the same. The Field of Teteya is not a room for life of certain lifeforms. Just like people who carry various levels of purity, spirituality, kindness, in Teteya there are lives of various level of energy filling. The Field does not mean energy layer. Field is an energy level characteristic of every subject energy inhabitant. When we say to enter the Field of Mokayad it means to correspond to the life of Mokayad as far as energy parameters are concerned.
The Forces of Lucifer do not generate evil in people. Evil is born in the depths of material bodies. F. Bacon was right to say that there in no man who does bad things for the sake of evil, everyone does bad things for profit or pleasure or honor etc
Evil goes out in the form of monsters forms of mean thinking. This is the result of fatal baseness of human self-consciousness. There are no fallen Angels; there are Souls of people that have left the body-carrier and have a dark energy background that is like a stone that cannot go up without the help of other subject. These Souls need help through the warmth of those who are alive and feel sorry for the desperate energy form. These Souls are unable to leave the terrestrial gravity. There are no fallen Angels because a pure Soul reveres the Laws of Father God and merges in one with the body of Father in its purity. And could Father possibly wish bad things for a part of his body? What people call jinx is when dark Souls get through a whole in the energy cocoon of a person by mental messages. They are inserted by people themselves, but a Soul that gets into a physical body will define itself a servant of Lucifer because its Service curates such inhabitants in energy form.
In conclusion we would like to emphasize that we are not going to revise the religion or doubt the Bible. We can only day that many books confirm that the Bible is a document that has been creatively changed many times. And it was changed to please those who rule the church who found it easier to teach this convenient variant. Goethe was outraged by the fact that in all times scoundrels tried to mask their mean deeds with loyalty to the religious interests, moral and patriotism. As for religion, wrote Friedrich the Great, the Supreme Creature must take care of it. We are in darkness here and subject to various mistakes. Which of us is so arrogant that he can maintain that his path is the most correct one?


According to G. Spencer, one absolute truth will always remain among the mysteries that become the more mysterious the more one ponders over them: we are faced with the infinite and eternal Energy which gives rise to everything.
Each earthling has an energy field which is the sum of the energies of all energy bodies plus the energy accumulations released from every human organ. The energy field has immense protective power and at the same time it acts as a link between the organism of man and the Universal Energy Community. In this case the Community is represented by an assembly of Servants of the Absolute in the form of human souls and the Abstract Energy Intellect of the inhabitants of Universe that dont belong to any particular planet. When people communicate, their energy fields come into contact. As S. Konenkov said A person always needs another person. Each individuals energy field carries a certain charge, either positive or negative (it has nothing to do with the negative). Energy field charge is determined by the constellation a person was born under. The energy field of all the people who were born in the days of the house of Jupiter under the influence of the constellation of Scorpio as well as in the days of full moon under the influence of the constellation of Virgo necessarily conveys a negative charge. Such charge of the energy field of many individuals is needed to ease the energy tension that can emerge when peoples energy fields are charged monopolarly. The presence of a negative charge in such people doesnt do any wrong to them or to their surrounding. Independently of peoples awareness, the negatively charged individuals contribute to easing of the energy situation near the surface of Earth when their fields interact. If two individuals with pure souls and unconscious decent attitude towards others meet, they exchange energies that renovate and strengthen the interlocutors energy field or even the energy field of a passer-by. Just like close people give each other the warmth of their hearts and souls, the energy fields mutually enrich one another in compliance with the Laws of the Universe. If one of the interlocutors or abstract-individuals has flaws in the soul, the integrity and durability of his energy field is definitely spoiled. And if the others soul is pure, threads reach out from him to the former with the aim to strengthen his energy field and he gives part of his energy to strengthen it and restore its integrity. This phenomenon has nothing to do with energy vampirism. This is the Law of Universal Brotherhood and Mutual Aid.

Only he who serves the great objectives of his time
And sacrifices his whole life
Struggling in the name of his brother
Will outlive himself. (N. Nekrasov)

L. Bernet was right in saying that man can do without many things but not without another person. Sometimes it happens that two negative energies interact, i.e. both individuals bear the burden of sins inside their Souls. The individual whose energy field is less damaged is likely to share his energy with the other. Thats why people who have sinned enough dont die as soon as they deserve to. They are assisted from everywhere at the unconscious level, which prevents their energy cocoon running out of energy. As A. Saint-Exupery observed, there is only one real value connection between people. Man is always in obliged to another person (J. Steinbeck).

Man is thought to have five senses: eyesight, hearing, sense of smell, sense of touch and taste.
The purpose of eyesight is to see the world around us, to see with the help of telescopes and microscopes what there is beyond our planet and its tiniest components. With the help of eyesight assisted by the third eye one can see through things, objects and physical bodies. This trait of eyesight is given only to very purposeful individuals, mostly after they have experienced strong pain or mental stress.
Hearing is divided into physical and spiritual hearing. In this lecture we will focus on the spiritual hearing, that is the ability to hear with ones heart or, described in simpler words, with ones soul. Spiritual nobility is the real base for all noble and great things in man G. Fielding. The spiritual hearing is telepathic hearing. Theoretically, telepathic perception of information can be available to any human; however, this does not occur because the natural process of mans development and growth as a physical being tightly linked with the Universe goes wrong from a very young age. Three main factors account for this:
1. Newborn children are denied connection with the native planet. Children remain separated from the source refilling them with the planets energy for a very long period of time. When a person walks on Earth, his perineum chakra is pointed perpendicularly towards the center of the planet. A very tight link in the form of energy flow is established between the Earth and the chakra. Mother Earth gives Life Powers to children and adults. The energy flow is directed bottom-up. This energy flow can be disrupted under the influence of negative forces. In this case, the energy will flow backwards from the person to the Earth. The work of this energy channel can be disrupted with one transmission of evil spirit (psychonegative). Then a person falls ill. Every parent must understand how important it is for a baby to interact with the source of the Earths vital energy. We should not wait for the baby to start walking; we should allow him to interact with the planet as early as possible in life.
2. We cut the threads connecting a child with the Great Cosmic Intellect with our own hands. Those who look after the baby pass their hands over his head and its surface wishing to please him, unconsciously, ignorantly, out of good intentions. But it is during this period that fontanel is an extremely thin and sensitive source through which the baby receives unconscious information from the Space. Stroking results in disruption of the data flowing in. To avoid this one should bear in mind that until a baby reaches the age of 18 months his head can and should be caressed only from the left ear to the right one in circular movements clockwise. By stroking a babys head in such a way, you strengthen and clean his connection channels and many children of the Earth will be able to listen to and hear the voices of the Universal Intellect and the inhabitants of other planets in the future.
3. Babies are wrapped up in diapers that break the energy cocoon and destroy the energy balance in the area where umbilical cord is attached to the central channel of an energy provider of the Great Cosmic Intellect. It is hard to form a healthy energy cocoon because of the diapers. A baby should spend as mush time as possible naked ideally he should be naked all day long, his body should get used to the temperature and atmosphere of Earth filled with curative sun rays and the Heavenly Fiery Rays of the Great Space. After such growing children will have a healthy intact energy cocoon and preserve links with both Earth and Space.
The senses of smell and touch have been given to man to feel and appreciate the joy of the beauty of the planet Earth and, by doing so, love it as his mother. We think there is no need to explain what role taste plays in the life of man. Wed better speak about intuition.
We, people, define intuition as feeling, keen understanding and insight. The philosophical definition regards intuition as the ability to comprehend the truth by seeing it directly, without any grounding or proofs. According to Descartes, the deductive form of argument is based on axioms that are often understood intuitively without any evidence at all. Intuition combined with the deductive method acts as the universal criterion of complete reliability. Spinosa considered intuition to be the most reliable and important cognition that captures the essence of things. Plato defined intuition as a kind of direct intellectual knowledge or contemplation (intellectual intuition). He affirmed that contemplation of ideas (prototypes of outward things) is a kind of direct knowledge that comes as a sudden supersensible illuminating that requires however a long preparation of the mind. Feuerbach interpreted intuition as cognition in the form of sensitive contemplation (sensitive intuition). Intuition was also defined as an instinct that determines the behavior of an organism directly, without any preliminary learning (Bergson) as well as a hidden unconscious fundamental principle of creativity (Freud). Materialistic dialectics regarded intuition as a sort of mentality when certain parts of the thinking process flash across ones mind more or less unconsciously whereas the result of a thought the truth is realized as clearly as possible. Intuition can be enough to see the truth, but it is not sufficient to convince both other people and oneself of this truth. There needs to be evidence. Scientists define intuition as a feeling, guess resulting from a huge experience acquired earlier and based on accumulated scientific knowledge. They think that intuition plays a subordinate role in the process of learning. Many politicians interpret intuition as a state of inspiration that enables a person to discover the truth without using minds rational functions. This can happen if there are some tiny inconspicuous factors in the mind that are difficult to register. Such generalization can result only from immense experience in this area. Scientific psychology views intuition as a necessary moment of going beyond the limits of the conventional behavioral stereotypes and, in particular, logical problems of search for a solution, a moment that is determined by the nature of creativity. Psychologists think that any intuitive knowledge is always mediated by the experience related to a persons practical and spiritual activity. Intuition includes such phenomena as an immediately found optimal solution to a problem that could not be solved by means of logic for a long time; subconscious but timely avoidance of a danger; quick and correct foreseeing of certain peoples behaviour; presentiment of future developments based on subtle indications etc. Intuition exists as an objective mental process characterized not only by a special mechanism of subconscious solution of intellectual problems but also by a tight link with ideas. The intuitive act of perception suggests a strong concentration of efforts of the explorer on a specific problem, mobilization of all his potential, which leads to a sudden and outwardly accidental but in reality natural yet subconscious discovery. An unexpected discovery of the right thing to do is the outward manifestation of intellectual intuition. Crystallization of the unconscious product of an action is the origin of intuition. Solution of a creative problem by means of intuition occurs unconsciously or subconsciously. The psychological process of transfer of intuition from subconsciousness into consciousness happens in a very peculiar way. When intuition enters the realms of consciousness, one feels the emotional background (pleasant, depressing etc.) whose contents are concealed from him. As a result of a purposeful search for the meaning of the emotional background, intuition appears in the realms of consciousness. But sometimes a person eliminates this emotional background with the efforts of his will. This may cause the transition to fade, that is to return to subconsciousness (for example, if a powerful auto-suggestion takes place). Intuition is a process of eureka rather than proving something and its conclusions lie in the realms of probability. Psychologists regard intuition as a specific method of cognition which is accompanied by an illusion of a direct discovery the desired conclusion. With the help of intuition the truth is revealed to the mind through direct judgement without the use of logical definitions and evidence as intermediate links of the perception process. At present a transition (leap) from one logical system to another in the process of reasoning is thought to be possible only via intuition. In scientific and artistic creative activities intuition is characterized by unexpectedness. A. Einstein made a curious observation saying that discovery is never the result of logical thinking even if the end product may be connected with the logical form. There are cases when scientists seem to have suddenly answered complicated theoretical questions that they had knowingly posed before. An unexpected solution would become obvious when the mind was not busy looking for the corresponding answer. Artistic intuition is a crucial component of creative thinking that concerns such aspects of artistic activities and artistic perception as creativity, perception and truth. The fact that the result of creativity is supposed to be original makes a creative person search for a new solution, which has never been heard of before, from the very beginning. It suggests a fundamental reconsideration of conventional notions, mental schemes, ideas about man, space and time. Intuitive knowledge as knowledge of the new usually exists in the form of an unexpected guess, symbolical scheme, in which only the outlines of the future artwork can be distinguished. However, according to many artists, such inspiration lies at the heart of the entire creative process. Not only creation of an artistic image by an artist but also perception of artistic imagery by a viewer is connected with a certain disposition to perceive artistic values concealed from a superficial observation. At the same time, artistic intuition becomes a means by which the perceiving individual penetrates into the realms of the artistically significant things. Besides, artistic intuition ensures an act of co-creativity of the one who perceives an artwork and its creator. Artistic intuition is considered to be part of mystics and identified with one of the forms of irrationalism in aesthetics. Thanks to the artistic intuition, people manage to create artworks that reflect reality thoroughly and honestly.
We think it would be appropriate to quote some wise people as far as intuition is cobcerned:
-knowledge without method (Aleksandr Kruglov);
-matter of spirit (Concordia Antarova);
-a mysterious way that detects the obvious (Aleksandr Kruglov);
-resultant force of knowledge and being (Georgiy Gurdzhiev).

And how do representatives of the Universe interpret intuition? They think that intuition is a sense which helps many people who experience it to unconsciously perceive warnings and cautioning information coming from the Great Cosmic Intellect. The development of this sense is extremely important as it prevents an individual from making things that discredit his physical and spiritual essence. Intuition is inherent in any animal and human. It can also be defined as a presentiment directly connected with the Cosmos. It is Cosmos that sends impulses into mans third eye to warn him of danger. The wave vibrations of Cosmos first affect the third eye and then other two chakras the cordial chakra and the chakra of solar plexus. Thats why people sometimes use the expression My soul and heart ache. I am afraid lest something bad should happen. Reliable intuition is typical of people with sensitive, developed soul and kind heart. Intuition prompts them when good or bad events are about to happen in their lives. The sense of their intuition is hardly ever inactive. One can say that their mind functions, their soul is alive and their heart is creative.

A healthy person is brimming with active energy. This is a form of life, the movement of life rather than a fixed image.
Every individual, every living creature, plant, tree, every component of the planet has a color energy field which only earthlings call Aura. The majority of aliens of the Intelligent Universe dont have Aura because only the planet Earth is able to colorfully represent integrity or disruption of the inner world of each individual under observation. It is connected with the peculiarities of the planet and its inhabitants that make it possible to exist in a material physical body. Every human organ has its own Aura. It is energy emanating from a physical organ of man or any other living creature on the planet. By emanating energy, every organ forms an energy field. When energy fields merge together, they form the bodys Aura or the Energy Cocoon of a living creature. Auras are characterized by a very wide color spectrum determined by the tasks that bearers of the Aura are to accomplish. All the solid materials that constitute the planet have umber Aura. This color indicates radiation of energies that serve the rest of the living creatures on the planet. The material the planet consists of is the source of replenishment of energy for all its inhabitants, including humans. Umber coloring indicates that energy does not spread in all directions but is located very close to the source of emanation, accumulating in a very powerful concentrated field. The more intelligent a creature is, the higher the level of independent mental activity. The tighter the link between Souls mind and brains intellect, the more colorful a persons Aura is because it reflects the condition of all the energy bodies plus the color of the individuals soul. Human Aura has a huge variety of colors and shades. Highly spiritual intelligent people carry splendid energy colors around them, from intensive white to pinkish-golden with blue sections similar to stripes perpendicular to the body. These colors give such a person an advantage over the others during his lifetime in terms of additional attention of the inhabitants of the Universe. Aura is a variety of colors. But the less spiritual one is, the more subdued the hues are and the more grayish-green Aura becomes. Here is a quote from the Talmud: The older people who lead a spiritual life get, the more their mental horizons broaden, the clearer their mind gets. People who lead a mundane life become more and more stupid over the years. Plutarch agrees with Plato, who thinks that neither body can be improved without soul nor soul can be improved without body but the two should be kept together like two racing horses harnessed to draw the same chariot. D. Garibaldi was convinced that the value of grain is determined by its yield, while the value of man is determined by how beneficial he can be to his neighbor. Even an insect can be born, live, eat and drink and finally die Man leads a life beneficial for the masses, a true spiritual life.

Mans pride and honor
That lasts for centuries
Is that his heart feels the importance
Of the things he does.
(F. Schiller)

The purpose of Aura is typically cosmic. It helps to evaluate an individual without penetrating into his inner deep essence. Every earthling is surrounded by inhabitants of the Universe who help him in life, teach him right from wrong, save him from troubles and foster his well-being. Aura carriers provide an opportunity for assignment of roles of the Universal Servants of the Almighty Father God based merely on the Auras color. The servants level depends on the persons Aura. The purer it is, the higher the level of a persons assistants. A persons Aura can be seen by everyone who can later help this individual to purify it either directly or indirectly. Aura fully reflects ones physical and moral condition. Pure people have golden Aura with vibrating background; the superpures aura is mirror-like with impulses surges of energy that are gifts to the world. Other peoples Aura is of various colors and degrees of pulsation. The Auras size varies too. Diseases disrupt the integrity of the Aura field. Those inhabitants of Earth who are capable of seeing the Aura of objects animals and plants and people must bear in mind that the color field of all objects can be seen in daylight and in the evening. Plants Aura can be seen at any time of the day but on one condition the background must be absolutely white. And it is also on this background that a humans Aura can be seen well. Each trees Aura changes during the day and during the year. It happens because one of trees tasks is to give people energy for recovery. During the day the energy is more intense and every tree has an Aura of a different color. By the evening, the trees Auras become almost of the same color. It is the time of calm and accumulation of power for the next workday. The biggest power for recreation is given to people by trees in the morning. Plants and trees have swimming Aura. It breathes, now approaching the source of its existence, now expanding. The Aura of living creatures and humans is a stable energy glow independent of the time of the day, year or weather. If one is ill, black sections of various shapes appear on the color background, which signals energy hole and leakage of the energy necessary for full and healthy existence of man from the organism. If objects and things are intact, if they dont contain negative energy, their Aura will be even with straight outlines. If there is damage, negative, predisposition to breaks, the Auras straight outlines will change in this place. Vertical linear strokes, curves, contrasting coloring will appear. All unfruitful trees have the same Aura. In the daytime, it is ash-grey, in the evening it becomes transparent with dark-grey edges. All fruit trees have small Aura, thin as a crust yet extremely powerful. Fruits Aura brings health. Plants have a powerful Aura that is almost colorless. The transparent energy Aura is the same for all plants. Plants are wrapped up in this capsule so tightly that if one plucks a plant it (Aura) remains attached to the plant. Lets go back to the trees. If there is no humidity in the atmosphere, their Aura sticks to the branches and leaves. A tree saves energy to transfer all its power to fruits later on. In conditions of increased humidity fruit trees have an Aura with light-grey background. Since the fruits of useful trees maintain the outer energy coat for a long time, they are able to provide people with energy assistance even after a long period of time. Every tree conveys energy that plays a certain role in the well-being of man. All the trees whose blooming flowers smell intensively are energy vampires for people. But this is not fatal for humans because, first of all, they take away the negative energy from those who can jinx and strike the energy cocoon with bad looks. Every earthling can remove alien life from his body if he stays near these trees in the evenings between 20 and 30 minutes. One should also remember that trees must hear a persons request for help expressed in any words as well as words of gratitude at the end of work. If one lingers near such trees for over 30 minutes, energy will start flowing out of his body. The number of medical sessions should not exceed 4 or 5. Fruitless trees with small leaves have an Aura with energy that restores the spiritual body. By visiting these kinds of trees, one can treat nervous and mental disorders provided he spends two hours under their crowns every day during two months. Dont forget to talk with a tree and thank it for its help. Unfruitful trees with small leaves carry the aura of energy that makes the spiritual body healthier. Nervous and mental diseases can be healed by visiting these trees if one spends 2 hours daily under their crown for two months. Dont forget to talk with a tree and thank it for its help. Any earthling will get the maximum energy replenishment under a tree with jagged leaves. Clearing of the energy background and help for the cardio-vascular system is provided by trees with pyramidal shape that receive power from the Universe at night and give it to people in the day. One can approach these trees in the morning and ask them for help that is sure to be given within 10-15 minutes to anyone who asks. The healing will take 3-4 months. Having received this information, we will become beautiful symbols of moral kindness and physical well-being.


The ancient thought that people are connected with Space through planets and constellations that control them from the moment they are conceived till their death. From the very birth every person is surrounded by an energy coat located around the physical body at a certain distance from it. In the human body energy is formed because of constant work of the heart, lungs and the bunch of blood vessels, nerves, muscles. Besides any earthling stays attached to the Great Source of the Universe from the moment he is conceived to the time the Souls leaves the body. This Great Source supplies man with Mental Energy. According to the teaching of Agni Yoga the Mental Energy is Holy Spirit. Mental Energy is the highest manifestation of the highest element in Space. This source is like a spring that comes from the Depths of the Universal Beyond and feeds the body and Soul with the endless energy of life. Life on Earth would be impossible without the support of energies thats why the Universal Spring is the origin of life of any earthling. All the great miracles the Bible talks about were made by the Mental Energy. Mental Energy belongs to subtle energies and it is the subtlest of them. The subtler this energy is the more powerful it is. Mental energy is in the whole nature and it is especially expressed in man. A person who is born with a prepared Source of life has to realize himself during the terrestrial life through those encoded events that are in his destiny. Meeting the conditions of his destiny, an earthling drinks energy from the Universal Spring for his entire life. If the individual lives in spite of the destiny without correcting the mistakes of the previous lives with the actions of the present life, the Great Servants of Great God will detach him from the Universal Life Giving Source and his Spirituality wont be able to increase thanks to life giving helping Energies of the Universe. In this case to increase the Spirituality man needs to overcome the obstacles of terrestrial energies. If he wants to increase his Spirituality and overcomes his being grounded, Great God opens access to his body and Soul for the purest Energy of the Universe. The less selfish a person is, the more he is inclined to understand others, the more pure Universal Energy he gets in his life. Each earthling has his own term of death. It is influenced by the life he lives with the complex of actions and thoughts. One does not always have the thread of connection with the Sources of Life even when he is old. Many egoists live without being replenished with the Energy from the storeroom of Great God and it is this Energy that keeps the Soul young. Man does not only a condense Cosmic Energies, he is a powerful dynamo that radiates energies of various kinds creating its own energy field. The more conscious an organism is, the better mental energy it generates. The human energy field in the entire cocoon is surrounded by an aura ring. All earthlings no matter what their moral essence is carry aura ring of the same color located between the Energy Cocoon and Teteya that surrounds them. The aura ring is always green. The injuries of human organs are written on this ring. To add something to the previous lecture on aura we can say that it is a unity of two energies the energy of Space that goes to all living and non-living on Earth and the energy of a certain object, plant, animal, living creature or human that they give to the Universe. The combination of these two energies is aura. The word prana is often used when talking about human energy without always understanding the meaning of this word. Prana is the energy that fills any aura. We would also like to define the notion of elemental. Elemental is a rudiment of energy emitted by any inanimate object according to terrestrial point of view, a rudimentary mental activity of a stone or a tree. This is an energy form emitted by inanimate objects on the planet Earth.
Representatives of different occult currents describe the layers of the aura field or the human energy body in a different way. Lets start with the description of the layers of the aura field made by Barbara Ann Brennen. This earthling has the level of contact with the Data Bank of Mother Earth but she has interacted more with alien Souls of humans. In her descriptions there are more fantasies than reality. In the book Hands of Light published in Saint Petersburg in 1992 she writes: I observed the seven layers as I was working as a consultant and healer. At first I could see only the lower layers that are the densest and easiest to observe. As I went on working the more layers I could perceive. The higher the layer is, the more expanded consciousness is needed to perceive it. In order to perceive the upper layers the fifth, sixth and seventh layer I had to meditate The first, third, fifth and seventh layers have a certain structure whereas the second, the forth and the sixth consist of emanation-like particles that do not have a specific structure. They flow through the structure of the other layers and take their form. Each consecutive layer penetrates all the previous layers including the physical body We have seven bodies that occupy the same place at the same time, each of them expands beyond the limits of the previous body All the layers are different and each layer has its own specific function. Every layer of the aura is connected with a chakra.
Brennen thinks that the first layer is connected with the automatic and autonomous body functions. The second layer is connected with the emotional aspect of a person, his emotional life and feelings. The third layer is connected with the mental life, linear thinking. At the forth level we express our love not only for those who are dear to us but to the humanity on the whole. The fifth layer is connected with the will and is closer to the Divine Will. The sixth layer is connected with the heavenly love. This love goes beyond human love and applies to all living creatures. It perceives all forms of life as precious manifestations of God. The seventh layer is connected with the Supreme Intellect that knows and integrates our spiritual and physical essence. Barbara gives a name to each of these layers. The first layer is called Ether body. This energy body is called so because ether is an intermediate condition between energy and dense matter. It has the same structure that the physical body has containing all parts of the body and all the organs. The grid structure of the Ether body moves constantly. She calls the second Aura body emotional because it is connected with feelings. She sees this field as colorful clouds of subtle substances that move in constant emanation. Unlike bluish-white color of the first body the emotional body contains all the colors of the rainbow. It is colorful clots moving in the matrix of the ether field and somewhat exceeding its limits. The third aura body is the Mental body. It goes beyond the emotional body and consists of subtler substances connected with mental processes. This body is a bright yellow light radiating from the head and the shoulders and spreading around the entire body. Mental forms that are clots of varying brightness and configuration can be seen in its field. The forth layer is called Astral body. It consists of clouds whose colors are more beautiful than the clouds of the emotional body. The colors of this body are impregnated with the pink color of love. The fifth layer is called the Ether determining body. This layer resembles a negative of a photo and includes all the images and forms that exist in the physical plan. The sixth layer is the Emotional level of spiritual plan called heavenly body. At the level of this body a person experiences spiritual ecstasy that can be reached through meditation and other forms of transformation. The heavenly body seems to Brennen a beautiful shimmering light predominantly in pale shades. Its light is silvery and gold and with shades of opal. Its shape resembles that of a candle flame. The seventh layer is called Keter (deriving from the cabala term keter crown) that means the supreme sefirot and corresponding to the Spirit of Living God (or Casual body). This is the mental level of the spiritual plan. By raising our consciousness to the seventh level of aura, we know our unity with the Creator. The outer shape of this body resembles an egg.
To the witness this field seems made of thin and very strong threads of silvery and golden light that impregnate the entire aura form.

Amy Wallis and Bill Henkin two people materialists who work in the sphere of anomalous phenomena have empirically processed many materials of oriental peoples and made a conclusion that man besides the physical structure has a mental structure consisting mainly of aura those emanations of energy that surround all living creatures.

Silvan Muldon and William Walker Atkinson who are contactees with the level of Data Bank of Mother Earth are sure that the Astral body is characteristic of every human and is an absolute double of the physical body of a person. It consists of subtle ether matter and is usually comprised into the physical body.

Anni Bezant (1847-1933) a student of E.P. Blavatskaya president of the International Theosophical Society from 1907 till 1933 made contact with the energy field of Eheteya. Eheteya is a place where energy bodies begin to be dismantled and the terrestrial part of the Soul goes its own free way. We can say that it is the hall of Teteya. In Eheteya there are only the Souls of dead people. Getting information from the Souls of former inhabitants of Earth and using the books available at that time, Bezant interprets the concepts of energy coats of the human body at the level of the life of the House of Father and not at the supreme orders of knowledge.

Oriental schools speak of four inferior energy bodies of man (Physical, Ether, Astral, Mental) and three superior (pure intellect Superior Manas, spiritual origin Buddhi and Divine Will Atma). The inferior astral bodies are the roughest of all the origins of man; they are the center of base animal emotions while the physical body is a kind of a conductor of rude human feelings. The Astral body of a spiritually underdeveloped person has smaller aura dimensions, has insufficient light saturation, the centers of supreme consciousness (chakras) are hardly visible. During the spiritual movement the Astral body is purified. The purification of the Astral body from passions typical of the animal nature of man develops higher astral vibrations leading to higher emotions expressed in various aspects of creativity, art in their highest forms of manifestation. The Ether body is the closest to the physical body. To understand it better, imagine the physical body as a honeycomb and the Ether body filling the cells like honey. The Ether body is considered to be so close to the physical body that if one looks with well-trained eyes through glass painted with a pint of a certain color he can see the Ether body surrounding the physical body as a white shadow. The Astral body is located above the Ether body. in sleep the Astral body does not stay near the physical body and can move in the Astral World perceiving the impressions of this plan and recording them in the brain as prophetic dreams or visions.

Mokayad or Intelligent Universe thinks that besides the rough physical body man also has seven bodies that leave the physical body at the moment of its death: Ether, Mental, Corporate, Spiritual, Astral, Body of the Soul, Fiery Body.
Ether body consists of subtle matter invisible to the human eye. It is sensitive to rude sensations connected with the material impact on the physical carrier.
Mental body is the body of the human mind that carried not feelings but a real personification of the mental activity of man. Thought is an energy abstract mind that has a powerful energy field with distinct outlines that do not allow the thought to be dispersed during its first appearance. Of course thought acquires this shape only when the sender invests much will in it aiming it at a certain consumer including mental messages man as abstract. Thats why according to B. Brecht the most important thing is to teach people to think because as N. Bualo said he who thinks clearly expresses himself clearly. All our advantage is the ability to think. Only the thought can elevate us and not time and space where we are nothing. Lets try to think with dignity this is the basis of morality B. Pascal.
having left the physical body and the energy bodies of the sender, the thought takes a moment to go to the place of message guided by the image of the word transferred to it by the sender. Thoughts are the wings of the Soul (P. Bovi). The stronger the thought-desire is the faster it covers the distance from the sender to the object of destination. One single thought can fill the vastness of the Universe (W. Blake); but if all the thoughts that go through peoples heads were expressed and realized, the world would plunge into chaos (G. Borgese). We must constantly follow the words of L. Berne who said that the motherland of thought must be the heart (Soul); the one who wants to drink fresh water should take from this spring.
. Klizovskiy having access to the Data Bank of Mokayad through the planets that change periodically writes: The Universe is created in such a way that man can succeed in his evolution only if he respects the cosmic laws because if he breaches them he will be destroyed. Man creates both his own destiny and the destiny of the planet he lives on. All powers and energies of Space serve people. The most important energy that controls all the energies is the human thought. The evolution of every person is determined by his aspirations for good or evil and the evolution of the entire Universe is aimed at human aspirations. Human will and human thought expressed in a certain aspiration decide everything.
A brilliant thought that feeds on vanity and disturbed imagination can set the world on fire P. Buast. G. Delil is right to say: A collection of good and beautiful human thoughts would be a great treasure.
Everyone should always follow the advice of Confucius work on purifying your thoughts. If you dont have bad thoughts you wont have bad actions. Thoughts are like guests; we are not responsible for their first visit. But they will visit us again often if we accept them well for the first time. Tomorrow you will do what you think today (Reading Circle).
Thoughts are born in the cerebellum, they go out slowly and get into the active part of the brain. And in this period these thoughts are read by the whole life of both Teteya and Mokayad. Taking this into consideration, fools must be forgiven for their foolishness, louts for their loutishness, and kindness must be praised as it merits.
L. Tolstoy wrote: It is all in the thought. Thought is the origin of everything. And thoughts can be controlled. Thats why the most important task of perfection is to work on thoughts. . Schopenhauer thought that the best thing one can do to attract good thoughts is not to think about petty and vulgar things. Clear the space for good thoughts and they will come. Of course J. Locke was right to maintain that the human ability to control thoughts is the most important thing for knowledge, tranquility and success in everything.

Thoughts are energy matter that can be read and deciphered. Those who think can be aware of their thoughts or unaware of the thoughts born for further transformation into awareness. Mental creativity is a process that does not depend on human will and on any thinking lifeform on Mother Earth. No matter how hard a person tries to stop the mental creativity, he cannot do it because thought is the fruit of independent activity of brain analyzers that perceive all the facts of vital activities and process this information according to the level of brain activity of the individual. Thoughts of any kind are formed like a telepathic message sent to any distance. Thoughts are often very different from words expressed out loud. Thoughts emerge as a finalized energy field near a persons head or near the head of any other thinking creature. An initiated can see the energy forms of thought. These energy forms can be expressed as prepared words, sentences, but they always have a colorful background that corresponds to the power of outgoing thought. Thought can be seen as a study in the form of mental image of a relative content. The thought that has left the source of message goes into the Data Bank of Mother Earth from where it can be received through a person who can do it and heard telepathically. It can be taken directly at any moment of its formation and birth. The one who has such a right does not read thoughts near terrestrial inhabitants; he simply knows them even from a distance. Such initiated inhabitant of Earth has the right to read at his behest the thoughts of people getting attached to a micro data bank of any thinking creature not just man. Each living creature, each object, plant, all that there is on Mother Earth has its own data bank. This micro bank does not have access to the Data Bank of Mother Earth. All animated and inanimate things in nature think. In cases when thought is not finalized the carrier of the thought keeps little information in its micro bank. These are thoughts of low level, thoughts of objects and nature. As far as man is concerned it is different. Human thoughts go beyond the micro bank as soon as their form is finalized. The micro bank contains only bits of thoughts. Father God granted particularly initiated earthlings the right to know what happens in the micro data banks of individuals. it is necessary to prevent evil before it is even born.
Corporate body is a body layer between the Mental and Spiritual bodies. It is 1/3 of subtle matter and 2/3 of supersubtle matter. Such contents are caused by growing threads in the Mental and Spiritual bodies that have various energies.
Spiritual body is a pure body. Corporate body is like a barrier that protects it from the realism of thoughts.
Astral body is a body of feelings. It encircles the Spiritual body and closely communicates with it, which leads to mutual enrichment or on the contrary to mutual harm.
The body of the Soul is located in the heart bag of a person.
Fiery or Coagulating body is the upper layer of the purest subtlest most tender energy matter. This layer connects all the energy of the cocoon into a single intelligent acting organism that allows man to live to be a full component of the Universal organism. The thicker the wall of this body is, the more protected the person is from evil, vain temptations and egoism. And on the contrary, if it is thin, the person is less protected from evil. The thicker the Fiery body is, the kinder more sensitive more tender and more capable of self-sacrifice the person is and which is the most important thing the more the person manifests these qualities the more they contribute to the thickening of the Fiery body. All the bodies are interdependent and interconnected. When the terrestrial life is over in the Chamber of Death all the Energy bodies of the person together with the Terrestrial Soul are gathered. When the physical subject dies all the Energy bodies are separated from the biological mass that stays on the planet Earth for the replenishment of its energy. It is not advisable to cremate people because it destroys links between the energy of man and the energy of the planet. In the Chamber of Death the Energy Bodies are completely reformed each of them merges with the energies that are akin to its contents. Energy bodies are formed for every future inhabitant of Mother Earth individually. The death of this individuality leads to disintegration of the Energy Cocoon and all its bodies until they are totally dissolved in the mass of similar energies. Each of the seven Energy bodies has its place in the inertial layer of Space where it is sent after the Chamber of Death. These places are energy limited space a pot where the matter of human bodies is cooked forming a homogeneous mass. If we use terrestrial measures, such processing takes a day, then the prepared material for construction is transported to the Place for Creation in special capsules and from there Great Father God takes this material and gives it to a specific place, including insertion into the body of a future human at the third month of pregnancy. The body of any person who has been dead for a short period of time is in the middle of this pot; the prepared material is collected on the edge of the pot. In the places where there is the Material for Creation the processed energy bodies are distributed not chaotically and also in certain energy surrounded places from where they are sent for the next stage of their life with the earthlings physical body.

Lets dwell on the description of the Astral body because it has considerable peculiarities compared with the others. First of all it can be divided into parts and changing penetrate into many Worlds where the Knowledge of the Universal Intellect rule. These can be places that belong to the planet Earth as well as places located far away from the terrestrial gravity in the Great Space. The Astral body cannot visit only the planets of the Universe inhabited with Intellect and it will never start acting without the Will of the Absolute. The Astral separated at the Behest of God gets the rights and opportunities to visit the places the Absolute has planned for this individual who as the result gets the Cosmic treasures: 1. The body of the Astral gets power; 2. The Astral enriches its Spiritual body allowing it to increase its volume from the physical essence without additional actions. This happens with worthy people; 3. The Astral brings information the physical person cannot get without its help. This happens in human dreams when the Astral body leaves the physical carrier partially in certain portion and the Absolute allows it to see the pictures from the persons past present and future. Such dreams are given only to those who merit this blessing of the Absolute. By warning through dreams Great God gives an opportunity to correct the destiny of the individual the Astral reported about. If human death comes gradually, the Astral can leave the energy cocoon with part of the Intellect of the Soul and get information that prepares the human Soul for the transition into the Worlds of Beyond. The purpose of such going out is to help the physical body and the Soul to bear the transition without pain without being afraid of the future. If the death is instant, the Astral with part of the Intellect of the Soul leaves before the human Soul also with the purpose of warning it about the things it can expect in the world it will soon get to.

At the end of the lecture we would like to present the opinion of the orthodox science regarding the problem weve been discussing. In 1986 the correspondent of Ogonek Magazine Vanda Beletskaya interviewed the deputy director of the Institute of Radio Equipment and Electronics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Yuriy Vasilievich Gulyaev and the doctor of Physics and Mathematics Eduard Emmanuilovich Godik. At the initiative of the academician Guriy Ivanovich Marchuk the Institute of Radio Equipment and Electronics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR was assigned the task of examining the real physical fields of biological objects including man. The results showed that around people just like around our planet there is atmosphere and magnetic sphere with streams of radiation our senses do not perceive. With the help of specially created devices the scientists made sure that around both people and animals a complex system of radiation and fields exists. It was concluded that man can be presented as an electrochemical generator that generates currency; thats why electric and magnetic field emerge constantly. The organism with the help of its own radiation constantly reports about its own condition and consequently it is possible to get information about the state of the persons body through the signals of physical fields that accompany the life of the body.
In the next lecture we will continue speaking about this topic with the use of knowledge and experience of Space because as B. Disraeli said: Experience is the child of thought and thought is the child of action.


In this lecture we will continue speaking about the Cosmic bodies and then we will explain the concept of Soul.
M.L. Perepelitsyn in his book Philosophical Stone published in 1993 in Moscow writes the following: Man consists of seven main bodies that are one inside another. As the energy of each body is qualitatively different from the others every body, being subtler, penetrates the bodies that are rougher. In the same way water penetrates into sand.
The ether body is an exact copy of the physical body. It is as if it contained the permanent body form. The physical body consists of many cells; each of them performs two tasks supports its own existence and gives away part of itself to support the entire organism. A complex of homogeneous cells forms a tissue or an entire organ. The organism constantly preserves its form and structure. This process of preservation is carried out by the Ether body. inside the Ether body there is the Astral body or body of emotions and desires the thing that makes us do irrational things in the daytime.
The Mental body constructs the plan of our actions a sort of rational structure of behavior in the process of our life.
In sleep our Astral body leaves the physical body and starts travelling in the invisible space realizing those desires that were not realized during the day as though it were liberated from the inner energy tension. Desires rule man in sleep. Man sees events but he cannot influence them. In deep sleep sleep without dreams man emits the Mental body.
Based on the materials of the previous lecture we can see that this author like others interpret the energy coat in a way that differs from the ideas the Intelligent Universe has about the energy coat.

Mokayad thinks that man should not have superior and inferior components. All the components are equal. Just like man cannot be deprived of air or water he cannot be deprived of any of the Cosmic bodies. If we consider this problem from the philosophical point of view, the superior component in man can be called the physical body since without the physical body there would be no person, no individual. Intellect as it is cannot be the superior component because pure intellect is only in the Soul and the Soul belongs to the individual, carrier, physical subject and cannot exist independently without a link with a specific carrier; it is his belonging, so to say. The intellect of the Soul is a controlling component for the Spiritual body but if the body of the Soul, the Spiritual body are not connected with the Mental body, with the consequences of mental activity of man aimed at warming up his Spirituality, there will be no man as a single Cosmic individual. We can speak of man as a Cosmic unity when his physical body and energy bodies are united.
Formation of Cosmic bodies, except for the body of the Soul that forms the Spiritual body, begins in the womb at the fifths month of pregnancy. All the Cosmic bodies of the mother participate in this process; they are conducting channels for insertion of the Abstract Matter prepared by the Absolute. The Energy Cocoon is formed in the womb for five days. The insertion is made in small portions of all the bodies at the same time. After reaching the fetus through the mothers channels, the Abstract Matter then goes through the uterus wall into the direct connection channel of the fetus and shrouds the body of the fetus completely. In this period 120 hours only one tenth of all the bodies that will be there at birth is formed. By the time the fetus is born it has formed its Cosmic bodies through the Intellect of the Soul, through feelings and emotions that come from the mother and those who are near.

In the last lecture we dwelled on the characteristic of the Astral; now it is time to explain what we call Mental.
Mental is waste matter of the decay of human thoughts. A human thought has and carries upper and lower part, that is heavy and light energy. No matter what message there is it always carries two components just like a medal has two faces. When Leaving the human cocoon, the thought is divided in two; its light goes up and the heavy part that is an exact copy of the send thought or life conditions, actions that happen at a given moment in the place that attracted attention stays down and forms the Mental layer. This layer of thoughts does not have the lightest contents. They are not carriers of evil but they can potentially be used to harm man. Very many false contactees get information from this Mental World. The ability to extract information from the Mental layer is equal to the ability of an average human. Any human can extract information from here with a slight effort. The mental is a layer of energy where with a slight deformation because of the energy of the planet Earth the human thoughts, reflection of mental activity of objects, things, plants, animals are suspended. The heavy Mental cannot stay near Earth for a long time and Great God cleans this jelly-like mass every 20-25 years. The light layer of thoughts goes up and stays in Odon that is closer to the protective layer of the Earth. This is needed for the protection of Odon from outer impacts of the Universe. Odon is a place where knowledge about people is stored. It is located in the energy of the Earth within the terrestrial gravity. We can say that people are always on the threshold of the entrance to Odon. It is present separated from man, a separated phantom. An energy phantom is separated from man every moment and goes to Odon and provides information about the person. Odon is resent-past. A phantom lives for about three hours and then it disappears. As for the Mental, the one who interacts with the Mental will never get any true information from it. Dark Souls heavy with sins that cannot go up roam in the Mental. These Souls carry intellect, their intellect collects information that comes from the Universe. They process it creatively and give it in a distorted form to those who interact with the Mental but present it as sacred truth. The stronger the link between a contactee and the Mental is, the less insecure he fells and the more he will prove that his information is true.

The planet Earth carries life in any stone, grain of sand, dust, not to mention animals, birds and of course the owners of the planet humans. Each vital component under normal life conditions emits invisible energy matter. This matter is very thin, odorless, intangible it comes out of all the living creatures on Earth and provides information about the state of the object or the living creature. Merging together this thin matter presents the Astral body of the planet. All the human feelings, all the thoughts pass through the Astral Field and at the end they are matter emitted with the thought into the Worlds of Beyond. The Astral Field of the planet tells about itself to the entire Universe that can read and feel the essence of the planets Astral. The Astral Field of the planet is closely connected with the Astral Field of the Universe. The condition of the planet, its feelings and thoughts send signals to the Universe about well-being or bad state of the planet for each given period of time. The world of thoughts and feelings forming a range of mental images form the Astral World which means the life in the Astral Field. The Astral World is an energy world that surrounds the Earth and the earthlings that in the Cosmos is full of thin sensitive energy. The world that consists of extremely thin energy matter that is vulnerable to any energy thought, any mechanical movement that causes pain and suffering not only for the person but for any creature of the Universe, any living and dead object from the terrestrial point of view. The tender energy of the Astral World transmits desires, feelings, sensations, love, kindness, mutual understanding. The personal Astral field of every person is closely connected with the Astral Field of the planet.
The layer of feelings, emotions, thoughts that gather around the planet Earth that replenishes all the other layers that carry dark thoughts, bad desires, darkness coming from the Soul was called Astral Light. The Astral Light illuminates the Mental Field of Earth and prevents the Earth from becoming heavier as the result of the negative Mental Plan. The Astral Light emerges out of the unity of Astral vapors of each individual each tree, each blade of grass, each stone. All this forms the Astral Field of the planet Earth. Heavy vapors and mental are emitted mainly by an incomplete mind. The Astral Field fights against a heavy Mental Field and digest the Mental because God gave the Astral great power. The Astral together with the servants of Great God burns the Mental in the Field of the planet Earth preventing it from penetrating into the Great Cosmos; nevertheless, it manages to penetrate there thats why the inhabitants of Space are hurrying up to help humans. We destroy the inhabitants of Space with the Mental of our planet Earth because any bad action comes not from the Soul but from an underdeveloped brain forming heavy thoughts actions that carry such heaviness that the inhabitants of the remote planets of Space feel the impact of our concentrated Mental.

Now lets try to understand what the notion Astral double means. An exact copy of the terrestrial material individual called Astral double is periodically separated from each earthling. The purpose of the separation of Astral double is the self control of ones own actions, test for enrichment with the experience of feelings and initiation into the Universal sensitivity and wisdom, experiencing love for the neighbor as the result of its finding in the Astral body of the planet. Astral doubles of all people go for walks but not all of them come back with an increased feeling of responsibility for the behavior of their physical owner. The more spiritual and responsible a person is, the longer the going out of the Astral double is. For an individual of high Spirituality there are no limits for the walks of his Astral double. Anyway the Astral double is separated in sleep and comes back immediately before the waking up. Only the Astral doubles of rare earthlings are worthy of getting a permission of the Absolute to leave the planet Earth and visit other planets in the Universe. It is quite possible because the speed of movement of the Astral double is instant. The Astral double is a great assistant for its owner since it helps him to determine the relationships with the environment and people who are near.
The shield of Astral is the ability of Astral to contact the energy inhabitants of the Universe that live within the atmosphere of the planet Earth.
The energy form outgoing from inanimate subjects, existing on the planet Earth, as we already spoke, is called elemental. It is a rudiment of energy outgoing from any lifeless, from the terrestrial point of view, object, rudiment of mental activity of a stone or tree.

Besides the Astral double there is an Energy double. What is it? The energy double is a complicated creature that includes the world of feelings and thoughts, the world of conscious work, the world that controls its actions, the world helping the neighbor during short periods of life of any person. The energy double is a much more complex Space structure than the Astral double though it is part of the physical essence of man. If the person has reached such heights on the Staircase of Perfection that he can give away his Energy Double, the double is extracted by surgery at the Cosmic level. The energy double is a subject created as the result of surgery tearing away from every energy body of a person. It is part of the Mental, Ether body, Astral body, part of the mental activity of human Soul i.e. it is like a copy of the person but it is invisible, intangible, untouchable. This is part of man that is an exact copy of his own Self that has the right to physically exist in the form of energy. The field of Astral is the field of activity of the Astral and Energy doubles of the great earthlings. Through the world of feelings and desires they go into the Worlds remote from the planet Earth. When we say that a person has gone into the Astral it can mean two things. First: the Astral double that represents a small clot of the earthlings Astral body capable of travelling in the Astral Layer. For most earthlings it is within the gravity of the terrestrial atmosphere. Second: the energy double but not every contactee has it. Unlike the Astral double the Energy double can apply its energy force. Thus when working with a spiritistic circle the needle is driven either by the energy of a dead person (the energy of Soul) or the Energy double. The Astral body cannot direct the needle. The energy double includes the world of feelings and the world of thoughts, the world of conscious work, the world that controls its actions, the world helping the neighbor during short periods of life of any person. The energy double can be separated from the person both by the forces of the Absolute and by the forces of the Servants of Lucifer. After the separation the Energy body of a living individual carries out the will of those who have extracted it. The newly formed Energy double is a form of independent life that has the Center Intellect (part of its owners inteligence) and Energy body that has energy characteristics of its physical carrier. The process of final separation by the Forces of the Absolute is the easiest when the persons Soul suffers enormous pains and these pains are aimed at compassion for all the living creatures. Unlike the physical body during the birth of the Energy double it is the Soul that suffers. All the Souls suffering at the moment when the Energy double is separated, all its preoccupations, all this goes to the Energy double and gives it the main direction of its independent existence.

Besides the Energy Double there is other Energy form we must get to know. It is the Energy phantom. The energy phantom is an invisible assistant of a capable person. The phantom can be divided into many parts according to the number of people who need help at a given moment. For any specialist hypnotist his energy double phantom works directly with the patient. The phantom does not walk on its own after finishing his program; it returns to the body of the person he has left, is replenished with energy and goes out again in case of necessity. All the contactees that are entrusted with realizing in the terrestrial life the Great Mission of the Universal Intellect regarding providing help of any kind have their phantoms that are so strong if the Messenger of the Universe is well prepared that are able to go long distances to give help. It is not necessary to control the phantom from a distance. In a certain period of time in the morning or in the evening the phantom is given the task of helping people for a day and then returning to the owners body to feed on the owners energy for at least 1.5 hours. The energy phantom does not receive the power of the Great Cosmos; it only uses the power of its owner. A Messenger of the Universe as a battery is given the power of the Universal Purity and Energy which is used by the phantom before it goes to help those in need. The phantom cannot speak but being a part of the Messenger of the Universe it can understand all the orders of its owner. The owner gives orders to the phantom, it hears who calls it in space and goes there. The people the phantom has been sent to do not hear him and do not see it, they get the impression that they are healed by the words said by the hypnotist. The phantom is created at the Behest of Great God; it is maintained and protected by the Forces of the Absolute. It is the Universal Force that can never be harmed by anyone. All the Messengers of the Universe all those who are connected with the Upper Space and not with the invisible world that wanders near and in the atmosphere of Mother Earth are accumulators of the Energy of the Great Space of Beyond.

Each such Messenger of the Universe gets a connection channel where the Purest Energy of Great God travels. It facilitates the contactees getting information without distortion and passing the power to those who come for help. All the Messengers of the Universe are collectors of this energy. Those whose Energy phantom is separated get much Space energy so that the Messengers of the Universe can send their phantoms for noble healing works without harming themselves.
In order for the Energy Double or the physical body to enter unknown Worlds of the Universe Estenatahad must be put on. Estenatahad is a short tunic an energy dress. It is a very powerful Energy Field where it is possible to move with the speed from zero to the speed of light that is instantaneously. Such movements are possible thanks to distortion of the space and time.
It is also interesting that the Energy Cocoon of an earthling is covered with a dense energy coat. It is so solid that when the person is alive it cannot be torn apart but it has its peculiarities. It can be broken from the outside and it cannot be broken from the inside. Only the Dagger of Mokayad can cut this coat.

Now it is appropriate to ask if the mental energy of man is connected with the energy of its Cocoon. The mental energy is a complex of energy that appears in the brain located in the skull, spinal cord and in all the nerve-endings of the individual. This energy is completely different from the overall energy background of the person.
In the previous lecture we named seven Energy bodies of man but we did not say in what order they are located with respect to the physical body of the person. We will try to make up for this gap now.
The closest to the physical body is the Energy component of the Cocoon the Astral body. Follows the body of Cadicta. The body of Cadicta is the second Energy component of the Cocoon depending on the closeness to the physical dense body. This is a body of elementals and is also called Ether body. The third Energy component of the Cocoon with respect to the dense physical body of the person is the Personified body. This is the energy of the attachment of the person to the Field of the Earth and the Field of the Universe. It has specific characteristics given to every inhabitant of Earth individually. It is the Mental body. The forth Energy component of the Cocoon is the Fire-spitting body or Fiery body. The energy of protection of the human body from any energy evil. For pure people it is a secure protection from any dab things. The fifth Energy component of the Cocoon of the person is Antigravity layer or the Body of Soul. The energies of human adaptation to the life of Mother Earth. The sixth Energy component of the Cocoon with respect to the dense physical body is called Trudnimatic layer or Spiritual body. This energy layer generates in the individual desire and impulses to achieve which contributes to ascending the Staircase of Perfection. The seventh Energy component of the Cocoon of the person is the Coagulating layer or the Corporate body. It binds together all the energy of the Cocoon into a single intelligent and acting organism that allows the person to live to be a valid part of the Universal organism.

Energy bodies are intelligent energy components satellites of the material body of an earthling. When the human life is over they find it painful to leave their owner. As soon as the person dies the process of decay of the energy components of Cocoon begins. All the Energy Bodies that form the Cosmic Essence (there are 12 of them but we are speaking of 7 of them now) leave the person according to the order of their closeness to the physical dense body. The Astral body is the first to leave the person through a direct channel of connection almost like clothes are taken off through the head. All the other Energy Bodies are also taken off like this. The next to leave are: the body of Candicta, the Personified body, the Fire-spitting layer, Antigravity and Trudnimatic layer. The last to leave the Cocoon is its residue, the Coagulating layer. The dense physical body extracted by the forces of Mother Earth does not contain energy that forms the Cocoon.

The energy component of man can be represented as an arrow. The arrow is pointed upwards and it has two sets of feathers called sleeves. The stem of the arrow and the sleeves are filled with the life of Teteya of various levels. They contain many different individuals. the grounded people carry the life of Teteya of a corresponding purity, this is their environment. Pure peoples Teteya is made of the energies of Father God. Grounded people carry inpure Teteya and they as the result need only those energies that can help them only through Mother Earth. We have explained before that Teteya is all the invisible around us. It is the House of Father God. In Teteya everything is connected through the energy filling similar to a cross. The cross is the connection of Teteya. Every person has his own place in Teteya. This place depends on the level of purity of the Soul. The purer the Soul is the closer it is to the center of Teteya. The place is an energy home where Teiuda comes to get powers for its owner and where the Soul goes after it is liberated from the physical body. This place is assigned. The closer it is to the heart of Teteya the more help this person gets the purer energy is given to him for the physical support of the body. The more sinful the darker the Soul is the closer it is to the terrestrial surface and after leaving the physical body of the carrier these peoples Souls often roam near the surface of the planet. During his life a person can change his place in Teteya many times. It all depends on how he lives, how he thinks, what he does. The climax of the Energy Component of man that can be represented as an arrow (the top of the arrow) is the persons striving for the purity. The purer the person is the more acute the top of the arrow. The ideal thing would be if there were no sleeves. The further the sleeves are from one another the more grounded the person is. Such people need to ask the Forces of Mother Earth for help, otherwise the Forces of Light wont get through to the energy of the bodies of these people because of they are too grounded. Being grounded is their vice; they carry too much evil.

The Energy Cocoon of an earthling can be directly and indirectly imagined as a thin rubber layer. Any mental and emotional impacts leave it deformed. Emotional impact from the outside leaves dents in the Cocoon and emotional impact from within causes it to protrude. Under stress these dents and protrusions spread to the entire energy field because the human Energy Cocoon reflects all the movements of energy into the person and out of the person. If necessary the representatives of Mokayad can create in man the state of ugwtut. Ugwtut is the slowing down of emotions or creation of a conservative Energy Cocoon. In this state the Energy Cocoon remains motionless for a certain period of time, it is conservative, it does not react to what is going on around it.

To conclude this story we would like to appeal to all the readers do not damage the Energy Cocoons! As the French philosopher of the Renaissance Michel de Montaigne said: The life itself is neither good nor evil: it contains both good and evil depending on what you want it to be. The poet Isay Tobolskiy is right to have written the following verses:

On the best
Of all the planets
Each of us
Is responsible for every step.
There are two poles
In this sinful world.
Two poles!...
And there is nothing in between!

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